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Your Path to Peace & Happiness The Power of Choice is Now! Angelic Assistance & Essential Oil to Use

Your continual focus on the past defeats you before you even begin. Looking in the rear view mirror to navigate your future is self defeating. With this practice, you condemn yourself to a future that mirrors your past. Is that really what you want? Do want more of what you’ve had, or would you love to experience something completely different and even improve the quality of your life? You must let go of the past, good and bad, if you’re to reach a new shore and embark on a new destination for your life. Anchoring to your self, within, brings greater satisfaction in any moment, no matter what's happening. Belonging to your self is the greatest achievement anyone can ever...

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Emotional Healing - The 6 Inner Divas Unmasked Essential Oil to Use

The telltale sign of emotional health is openness to life and adaptability.Fear of life can be felt as a physical sensation of resistance or tension in the body. Overtime fear, felt as tension within your body, results in chronic physical pain, as well as other physical symptoms and even disease. Resistance also manifests as chronic feeling states, emotions and thoughts such as anxiety, worry, depression, frustration and anger. Remember cartoonist Charles Schultz's lovable Pig Pen character. We loved Pig Pen BECAUSE he always happily walked around in his own private dust storm. Pig Pen was completely at ease with his “stuff” and always carried himself with dignity.  Well, like Pig Pen, most of us walk around with auric fields just...

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