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What Anger is Telling You - 7 Insights for Healing Chronic Anger +EO Recipe

One of the two most important stages in birthing the Soul is the second Stage of Anger.  READ the 5 Stages of Birthing the Soul +Affirmations & Essential Oils to Use.  Presently, on the world stage, we are in a mass awakening (birthing of the soul). Emotional angst is at an all time high worldwide. This is perhaps the most tenuous and concerning stage of our human evolution. It can lead to massive discontent. The sense of urgency for change fuels these powerful feelings of chronic anger. Here's what you can do about it. Anger Controls Fear The ego mind is heavily invested in anger as a way to control any sense of fear that it is losing control. At...

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Healing with Essential Oils Interview Healing Sounds Radio Show

Recently, I was on the "Healing Sounds Radio" show, hosted by Award-winning Healing Sounds Recording Artist, Jonathan Goldman and his wife, Andi.We talked in depth on the topic of, Healing With Essential Oils, and discussed many topics on using essential oils and their benefits that I've never talked about with anyone before. In our hour long conversation Jonathan, Andi and I discuss many things about the transformational healing arts and essential oils, including: Who I am and how I got to where I am How I got into the Transformational Healing Arts My experiences with Elementals at Findhorn, Scotland and reconnection with my Self How things evolved for me as a healing arts professional My professional practice of formulating aromatherapy...

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