Healing with Essential Oils Interview Healing Sounds Radio Show

Recently, I was on the "Healing Sounds Radio" show, hosted by Award-winning Healing Sounds Recording Artist, Jonathan Goldman and his wife, Andi.

We talked in depth on the topic of, Healing With Essential Oils, and discussed many topics on using essential oils and their benefits that I've never talked about with anyone before.

  • Who I am and how I got to where I am
  • How I got into the Transformational Healing Arts
  • My experiences with Elementals at Findhorn, Scotland and reconnection with my Self
  • How things evolved for me as a healing arts professional
  • My professional practice of formulating aromatherapy products
  • What are essential oils, how they work, history
  • Aroma as a vibrational healing modality
  • How essential oils work on all levels, i.e. body, mind, spirit and emotions.
  • How I started my publishing career and how my new book, "The Essential Oils Complete Reference Guide," came about
  • How formulating essential oil blends is like composing a musical composition
  • Kinds of formulas I blend and the inspiration for each, including Bartholin Cyst Formula
  • Intuitive healing and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Do I have a favorite essential oil
  • Elemental healing and inner harmonization with essential oils
  • Power of vibration to promote harmony and healing
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