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Winter Solstice & Christmas Meditations EOs To Use Get Your Endings & Beginnings Right!

Two Healing Light Meditation Rituals to help you get your Endings and New Beginnings Right!Winter SolsticeDecember 21, 2013 @8:29am PTThe solstice is always a powerful period of transition on mother earth and for all of her children. Solstice is always associated with the Sun and Fire Element. This Winter Solstice Ritual will prepare the way for the return of balance and healing in your life. The Solstice is an astronomical phenomenon marking the day when the shortest period of daylight or the longest night of the year are reached. In the Northern Hemisphere the Winter Solstice is the December solstice and in the Southern Hemisphere this is the June Solstice.  At the time of Solstice we’ve reached an extreme point in our year and will now begin our return...

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