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Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2018 Essential Oils to Use

Mercury retrograde usually happens 3-4 times a year. Your mind’s natural intuitive review process occurs during a mercury retrograde.You can use essential oils to ameliorate the mercury retrograde influence, soften any harsh planetary influences, enhance your planetary rulers and all the zodiac signs. To Find Out More About the Mercury Retrograde Effect Read My Article, What is Mercury Retrograde and How to Survive It - Essential Oils to Use. In My Article You'll Find out: Why Planets Effect You What Exactly Is a Mercury Retrograde? Why Attitude and Mindset Matter Gifts of a Mercury Retrograde Cycle How Things Start is How They Go Here Are the 2018 Mercury Retrograde Dates March 22nd, Exact at  5:19pm PT – Mercury Stations Retrograde at 16º 54’ Aries...

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