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Healing Your Relationships Aries Full Moon Astrology, Meditation & EO Recipe

What’s it all about? The Aries Full Moon (ruled by Aries) is conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer), opposite Venus (the planet of love) in Libra, and sextile to the planet Saturn (the taskmaster) in Aquarius. With Pluto (the planet of regeneration and healing) stationing direct, the scene is set for possible fireworks that expose wounds that have been dormant coming to the surface for healing. This can be an intense emotional time. Though the opportunities for reward are great. There’s the promise of short term discomfort leading to possible long term gains of happiness. Fall Eclipse Season We have entered the fall eclipse season. You can feel the effects of an eclipse usually at least 6-weeks prior to its happening. During...

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Healing Meditation with Archangel Gabriel +EO Recipe

Angels are ‘light’ beings, simply meaning they are aligned with the creative power of the universe to create peace and harmony in our world. Gabriel's name means, "God is my strength." An angel of mercy and compassion, Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel. S/he guides you to experience empathy for yourself and others. Gabriel is the angel that oversees and protects parents and children, and assists with pregnancy and birth. The Gospel of Luke recounts the stories of the Annunciation (announcement of an incarnation), in which the angel Gabriel appears to Zechariah foretelling the birth John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary, foretelling the birth of Jesus. Gabriel helps all those whose life calling involves communications and networking. Gabriel is the patron angel and protector of writers, counselors, therapists,...

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