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2 Potent Energy Clearing Formulas To Get Rid of Negative Energy & Disgusting Odors!

Energy Clearing Formula #1 The energy clearing formulas I’m sharing with you are a potent combination of “ancient holy” oils and oils with highly astringent properties. Lemon - 30 drops Peppermint - 30 drops Cinnamon leaf - 30 drops Sage -10 drops Energy Clearing Formula #2 Lemon - 50 drops Cypress - 20 drops Juniperberry - 5 drops Frankincense - 20 drops Black pepper -5 drops Add drops of essential oil to a 5ml bottle (approximately 100 drops). Cap tightly and shake vigorously to blend oils. Allow to synergize for 8-12 hours before using. Directions for Making Cleaning Waters Here are the general guidelines for making your energy clearing cleaning waters.  Add 8-12 drops of your Energy Clearing Formula to a...

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