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11 Simple Tips (Anyone Can Do) for Radiantly Healthy Skin, Plus A Restorative Essential Oil Treatment

For beautiful and radiantly healthy skin use a skin care routine like the one I’m sharing with you. Good skin care can help keep your skin healthy and glowing at any age. You don't need to spend excessive amounts of time or money on expensive and intensive skin care therapy to enjoy all the natural anti-aging benefits of good skin care. Pampering yourself with just a few simple skin care basics, along with a healthy lifestyle routine can also help prevent or even eliminate skin problems. 11 Simple Tips for Radiantly Healthy Skin At Any Age Wash your skin daily with a gentle facial wash. Check out, The  Best Facial Wash for Your Skin. Use a facial (and body) toner....

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Healing ‘Salt Glow’ Home Spa Treatment with Essential Oil

For a variety of skin conditions use your Healing 'Salt Glow' to freshen and renew your skin before your bath or shower. Preparation – what you will need: Small ceramic bowl 1-4 teaspoon favorite carrier oil (jojoba, rose, light coconut oil) 1 cup sea salt or Celtic or Grey sea salt (detoxifier) 1-4 drops pure essential oil Sterilized instrument such as a stainless steel teaspoon Celtic or Grey sea salt has a more coarse and plump texture. Because of its green clay content it is a more powerful detoxifier and better suited for smoothing out more rough and weathered skin. For more delicate skin areas you may prefer the regular sea salt. RECOMMENDED Pure Essential to use and why: ROSE...

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