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2023 Astrological Moon Calendar +Essential Oils to Use

Bookmark this page and refer to it throughout your 2023 year! The 2023 Astrological Moon Calendar crib notes will give you a snapshot overview of the emotional ebb and flow of events for 2023. You can use it to get an advance look at any possible upcoming opportunities available for you, as well as to check in as events unfold on the worldwide scene during the year. For insight about how things will unfold for you personally pay especial attention to: Eclipse Moons Eclipse Dates 2023 April 20 (1:17am PT): Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Aries at 29° 52’ May 5 (2:24pm PT): Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio at 14° 52’ October 14 (3pm PT): Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra at...

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