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Celebrate Leo Full Moon Astrology & Meditation +Essential Oils & EO Recipe

Full Moons always mark a time of celebration.  They are also times of release and letting when what is old and worn out and no longer serves your greater good, gets released. You may decide to throw away a once previous thought ‘good’ idea in favor of a truly ‘brilliant’ new idea that’s even better that will bring you a more robust and resilient future. These are the potentials at a Full Moon. The Leo Full Moon is the Actor/Actress or King/Queen of the zodiac. A Leo Moon can actually soak up all the light and energy in a room and lead with a ‘Me First’ role, or perform a more receptive role, as is the more natural characteristic role...

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2021 Essential Oil Astrological Moon Calendar

Bookmark this page and refer to it throughout your 2021 year! Get the scoop for how 2021 will unfold for you. With this Moon Calender you'll be privy to the Moon's monthly cycle for the entire year. The Moon Calendar is essentially an outline of the flow of events that will unfold for you. You'll get an advance peak at the opportunities to unfold for you and on the worldwide scene. The Essential Oil Moon Calendar will help you get started on making the most of your opportunities in 2021! Capricorn New MoonTuesday, January 12, 9pm PT  Conjunct Pluto & Sextile NeptuneMercury Square UranusVenus Square Chiron There are powerfully transformative energies at work. Over the next two weeks there can...

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