2021 Essential Oil Astrological Moon Calendar

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Get the scoop for how 2021 will unfold for you.

With this Moon Calender you'll be privy to the Moon's monthly cycle for the entire year. The Moon Calendar is essentially an outline of the flow of events that will unfold for you. You'll get an advance peak at the opportunities to unfold for you and on the worldwide scene.

The Essential Oil Moon Calendar will help you get started on making the most of your opportunities in 2021!

  • Capricorn New Moon
    Tuesday, January 12, 9pm PT 
Conjunct Pluto & Sextile Neptune
Mercury Square Uranus
Venus Square Chiron

    There are powerfully transformative energies at work. Over the next two weeks there can be much brought to the surface for dissolution. Transcendence is always the name of the game, but especially so over the next two weeks. Stay calm, go with the flow of events for best outcomes. Life is taking you to a new uncharted destination.

    Essential Oil to Use: Vetiver
    Earthy oils that ground, calm and stabilize.

    • Leo Full Moon
      Thursday, January 28, 11:16am PT

    Sun Conjunct Jupiter
    Moon Opposes Saturn
    Moon Square Uranus & Mars
    Venus Conjunct Pluto

    We are still in a very transformative period of time. Much is being brought to the surface for release. You have an opportunity to transcend old karmic patterns and habits that have created conflict for you both personally and collectively on a global level. A revolution on the physical plane is taking place. Evolving consciousness for all of humanity is at the heart of this upheaval. Can we set aside our differences and work for the common good?

    Essential Oil to Use: Sweet orange
    Ebullient oils that open your heart and help you express your creativity.

    • Aquarius New Moon
      Thursday, February 11, 11:06am PT (vc)

    Void of Course (vc) means the Moon is not making any exact aspects to other celestial bodies today. You may have actually felt the Moon’s influence more intensely yesterday when she made numerous contacts with key celestial bodies, including Conjunct Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Square to Uranus. Mercury was also Square Mars.

    Venus Conjunct Jupiter

    Much change is in the air as new structures come into form. There is an expansion of heart energy today. It’s a time when newfound hope and promise can be born.

    Essential Oil to Use: Peppermint
    Use essential oils that motivate and inspire you to express your originality.

    • Virgo Full Moon
      Saturday, February 27, 12:17am PT

    Moon Opposes Neptune

    Illumination and revelation of spiritual ideals is possible. We’ve been rapidly elevating our individual and global consciousness. Now we have the potential to move past what has separated and divided us. It is a time when life is valued for its own sake. We can awaken to a valuing of existence. In other words just because something exists it has inherent value. We are moving into a new era when life is valued on its own. There is no need to prove your worth, or have elevations of status in society to feel worthy. We are moving from valuing a projected self image to understanding we are valuable just by the fact of being alive. Self worth and being lovable has been such a HUGE issue for us humans. Such a heavy burden now begins to lose its hold of the human psyche. How long will it take? The good news is the more people who move to this new paradigm the more elevated our global consciousness and quicker this transition will happen. In other words expanded consciousness, begets more expanded consciousness.

    Essential Oil to Use: Ylang Ylang III
    As the Neptune Opposition to the Virgo Moon can have a very draining effect you’ll want to use oils that keep you grounded, yet open to inspiration from Neptune’s influence.

    • Pisces New Moon
      Saturday, March 13, 2:21am PT

    Sextile Pluto
    Venus Conjunct Neptune

    Powerful realizations and heart openings are possible.

    Essential Oil to Use: Red Mandarin or Tangerine
    Use oils that promote dreaminess and open your heart to new dreams.

    • Libra Super Full Moon
      Sunday, March 28, 11:48am PT

    Opposes Venus
    Trine Saturn & Mars
    Venus Conjunct Chiron

    Wounds in our individual and collective psyche can get revealed for release and healing. This occurs as new societal structures get activated.

    What is a Supermoon?

    A Supermoon is referred to as a perigee full Moon by astronomers. When the Moon is at perigee it is at its closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. When that closest point in time coincides within the Moon’s full phase we call it a Supermoon. 

    What causes a Supermoon? 

    The Moon has a near-point (perigee) and a far-point (apogee). At perigee the Moon appears a little larger (a Supermoon) than usual, while at apogee, the Moon appears a little smaller than usual. A Supermoon may appear bigger and brighter in the sky.

    Why are Supermoon’s important?

    The Moon’s electromagnetic pull on the poles of the earth and the human body varies as the Moon cycles in its elliptical orbit around the Earth. During a Supermoon this electromagnetic influence is more pronounced. This results in higher tides of the ocean, as well as an intensification of emotions coming up for release.

    Essential Oil to Use: Rose Geranium
    Use essential oils that promote balance and harmony.

    • Aries New Moon
      Sunday, April 11, 7:31pm PT

    Conjunct Mercury
    Sextile Mars
    Venus Square Pluto

    Adjustment and compromise may be necessary to move forward on implementing plans and projects. This can feel like an unwelcome nuisance, or fly in the ointment type event that needs to be dealt with.

    Essential Oil to Use: Patchouli
    Use oils that ground and calm your mind and emotions, yet support passionate expression.

    • Scorpio Super Full Moon (Lunar Beltane)
      Monday, April 26, 8:31pm PT

    Trine Mars

    Time of celebration! Today marks the midway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. It can be a great day of celebration both personally and collectively. Feels like we’ve really turned a corner and can move forward into a new chapter of our life.

    Essential Oil to Use: Bergamot
    Use oils that have a balancing and regulating effect on desires and emotions.

    • Taurus New Moon
      Tuesday, May 11, 12:00pm PT

    Moon Sextile Neptune & Trine Pluto
    Mars Square Chiron & Sextile Uranus

    This can be one of the most potent new beginnings of 2021. A promising, fresh start is on offer. If you have an opportunity to release old wounds and/or grievances, DO IT! Don’t let emotional baggage of the past encumber you from grabbing hold of the promising new future that beckons. Obviously the future holds more promise than anything of the past which is dead and gone.

    Essential Oil to Use: Helichrysum
    Use oils that soothe and calm the emotions and promote healing of wounds.

    • Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Super Blood Moon)
      Wednesday, May 26, 4:14am PT (Lunar Eclipse exact 4:18am PT)

    Sextile Saturn

    This is an awesome time of celebration for you both personally and on a collective/global level! Embrace the opportunities that come your way now. It may also be time to become aware of and let go of any selfish motives.

    Essential Oil to Use: Lavender
    Use oils that calm, balance and soothe your soul.

    • Gemini Solar Eclipse New Moon
      Thursday, June 10, 3:53am PT

    Conjunct Mercury (Rx)
    Square Neptune

    There can be compromise and adjustment needed. You may need to rethink your plans in order to make the most of the New Moon’s promise for a new beginning. It may be time to let go of something that does not seem to have the support needed to succeed.

    Essential Oil to Use: Lemon
    Use oils that help clear and free you from sticky emotional attachments. Ones that focus your mind. The astringent oils are all good!

    • Capricorn Full Super Moon
      Thursday, June 24, 11:40am PT

    Trine Uranus
    Neptune Stationary Rx

    New societal structures replacing the old and worn out ones can be celebrated now. It’s also a time when structures that have passed their usefulness and need replacing can be recognized.

    Essential Oil to Use: Cedarwood
    Use regulating oils and oils that support and stabilize new structures.

    • 18° 1' Cancer New Moon
      Friday, July 9, 6:16pm PT

    Trine Neptune

    New beginning in the home and with family. This new Moon can signal a new beginning of some kind being celebrated by the United States of America. You may be especially prone to emotional fluctuations during this time. It's a great time to forgive and forget past grievances and make amends.

    Essential Oil to Use: Rose Otto
    Oils that nourish the emotions and support congenial relations in the home, family and with close loved ones.

    • Aquarius Full Moon (Lunar Lammas)
      Friday, July 23, 7:37pm PT

    Moon Conjunct Saturn
    Mercury Trine Neptune (Rx)

    Lunar lammas marks the time traditionally when harvest begins. It’s the time of year when harmony, balance and renewal are celebrated.

    Essential Oil to Use: Frankincense
    Use the ancient oils and oils commonly used for celebration rituals and in rites of passage.

    • Leo New Moon
      Sunday, August 8, 6:50am PT

    Conjunct Mercury

    Great moon for planting new seeds. Things begun now can really take root over the coming year. Great time to have meaningful communications. New relationships, signing contracts, making agreements and engaging in business deals, all hold promise for success!

    Essential Oil to Use: Patchouli
    Essential oils that spark your passion and creative fires.

    • Aquarius Full Moon (2nd Aquarius Full Moon)
      Sunday, August 22, 5:02am PT (vc)

    Conjunct Jupiter
    Jupiter Trine Venus
    Uranus Trine Mars Conjunct Mercury

    Void of Course (vc) means the full moon is not making any exact aspects. Finishing touches on whatever might be outstanding. It feels like a very peaceful and calm summer compared to last summer though there are tense and disruptive forces operating that help to set things on a new and better course.

    Essential Oil to Use: Frankincense
    Use oils that promote clarity and greater perspective.

    • Virgo New Moon
      Monday, September 6, 5:52pm PT

    Trine Uranus
    Mars Trine Pluto
    Venus Trine Jupiter

    What house is Virgo located in your chart? A very harmonious and easy flowing new (revolutionary?) beginning can occur for you in this area of your life. There’s expansion, vigor and the follow through determination/power that can sustain your efforts for longterm results. Pay attention to what’s naturally falling into place for you.

    Essential Oil to Use: Clary Sage
    Regulating oils that promote balance and harmony.

    • Pisces Full Moon
      Monday, September 20, 4:55pm PT (vc)

    Conjunct Neptune
    Sextile Pluto
    Mercury Trine Jupiter

    The Pisces Full Moon is always dreamy and full of possibilities. This year the fantastical potentials are multiplied as the Pisces Moon Conjuncts her ruling planet Neptune multiplying the luminous effect. There’s lots of magic available for the fulfillment of promises, wishes and dreams.

    Essential Oil to Use: Bergamot
    Regulating oils that support balanced outcomes. You want to remain balanced emotionally while at the same time not going overboard. Lunacy and over excitement/enthusiasm are possible with this Pisces Moon. Extremes are likely now, so keep your feet on the ground while allowing for unimagined possibilities to be realized.

    • Libra New Moon
      Wednesday, October 6, 4:05am PT

    Conjunct Mars & Mercury (Rx)
    Trine Jupiter

    So much possibility for new connections and expansion of love relationships and making agreements. This is a great time to start a new romance, or recommit to one you’re in. Business affairs and associations get a fresh impulse of energy. As Mercury is retrograde you may want to wait to sign any ‘new’ agreements, or contracts until after Mercury stations Direct on October 18th. Same for new relationships wait to see how things unfold before giving your heart away.

    Essential Oil to Use: Ylang Ylang
    Oils that inspire passion and promote the sharing of emotions and meeting of minds.

    • Aries Full Moon
      Wednesday, October 20, 7:57am PT (vc)

    Before reaching Full and going Void of Course the Aries Moon was Opposite Mars (the planet of war) and Square Pluto (the planet of regeneration). An old grievance or wound may have been brought to the surface for healing. This can be an intense period of time when you feel the need to air your emotions. Volatility may be in the air. Keep your cool and stay grounded. Any intense emotions will pass. It’s a great time for strenuous exercise and getting out for a hike in nature!

    Essential Oil to Use: Bergamot
    Oils that calm your mind and emotions.

    • Scorpio New Moon
      Thursday, November 4, 2:14pm PT

    Opposite Uranus

    Something extraordinarily revolutionary can be seeded. New Aquarian-type innovations and scientific discoveries can start now.

    Essential Oil to Use: Ylang Ylang
    Use oils that balance the mind and free the emotions.

    • Taurus Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse
      Friday, November 19, 12:57am PT

    Conjunct North Node at 1° Gemini
    Venus Trine Uranus

    This can be a time when the passionate release of old pleasures may occur. Urges for naughty pleasures can surface that you know you’ve outgrown. Is a habit to someone, or something holding you back? Time to let it go. Sudden love at first sight, or strong attraction is possible.

    Essential Oil to Use: Patchouli
    Earthy oils and oils that you especially enjoy and can’t seem to get enough of.

    • Sagittarius New Moon Total Solar Eclipse 12°
      Friday, December 3, 11:43pm PT

    Conjunct South Node 1° Sagittarius
    Conjunct Mercury
    Sextile Saturn

    Here you have an illumination of a fresh new beginning in the area of your life (astrology house) where Sagittarius is located in your chart. Opportunities for new structures/foundations are possible. All things related to Sagittarius, i.e. philosophy, religion, higher learning, foreign travel, adventure, exploration, communication and publishing are spotlighted.

    Essential Oil to Use: Cinnamon leaf
    Spicy oils that stimulate your senses.

    • Gemini Full Moon
      Saturday, December 18, 8:35pm PT

    Mercury Square Chiron
    Trine Jupiter

    This is the first initial culmination point of the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse. Mental adjustments and compromise may be in order to realize the potent potentials available now. Be willing to let go of old grievances that may surface. Mental strategies erected to protect tender feelings against perceived threats only set you apart from others and creates conflict.

    Essential Oil to Use: Helichrysum
    Oils that promote healing of psychic and emotional wounds.

    21st Century Closest Supermoons

    November 25, 2034
    December 6, 2052 - closest supermoon of the 21st Century* 
    December 17, 2070
    January 27, 2098

    Check out NASA’s super cool animated graphic showing when a full Moon phase aligns with perigee (the point at which the Moon is closest to Earth) and Apogee (the furthest point away). 

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