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Dynamic Creative Potential Leo Full Moon Astrology +Meditation & EO Recipe

On February 16th we have the regal Leo Full Moon. It’s time to celebrate and shine your light for the world to see. Leo’s love getting attention and being in the spotlight and this full moon is cause for us all to celebrate. Tips for How the Leo Full Moon Can Affect You Personally Everyone has the Leo flair in one, or more areas of their chart. Here are a few areas of your chart to look for: Look to your 5th house (the house Leo rules) - what planets, or points are located here? What house is your own Sun located (the Sun is the ruler of Leo). As the Sun is currently transiting Aquarius (ruled by the planet...

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Celebrate Leo Full Moon Astrology & Meditation +Essential Oils & EO Recipe

Full Moons always mark a time of celebration.  They are also times of release and letting when what is old and worn out and no longer serves your greater good, gets released. You may decide to throw away a once previous thought ‘good’ idea in favor of a truly ‘brilliant’ new idea that’s even better that will bring you a more robust and resilient future. These are the potentials at a Full Moon. The Leo Full Moon is the Actor/Actress or King/Queen of the zodiac. A Leo Moon can actually soak up all the light and energy in a room and lead with a ‘Me First’ role, or perform a more receptive role, as is the more natural characteristic role...

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