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Issues of love and forgiveness are at the heart of shadow-related health issues whether physical, mental or emotional. Meaning there are hidden or suppressed negative emotion(s) that need to be released.

Cypress oil is one of the most powerful astringent and detoxifying oils in aromatherapy.

Pycho-emotionally it has the capacity for softening a hardened heart that’s resistant to giving and receiving love. Its scent is beneficial for healing both the male and female psyche and can help you let go of old trapped and dead emotion.

The Cypress Tree, from which the oil is extracted, is frequently found in cemeteries and has been considered a symbol of life after death and called “the tree of life and death.”

The ancient Greeks dedicated the Cypress tree to the god Pluto, Lord of the Underworld and, according to legend, the cross that Jesus was crucified on was made of Cypress.

Excellent for strengthening the heart energies Cypress oil is often used for supporting healthy functioning of the heart and circulatory system. It has been recommended for softening walls of hardened arteries and to strengthen weak connective tissue. Its astringent action make Cypress effective for treating conditions associated with congestion of lymph or blood circulation such as muscle cramp, rheumatism and arthritis.

According to Ayurvedic Medicine, an ancient system of healing practiced in India, the spicy wood aroma and astringent and bitter qualities of Cypress oil are ideal for pacifying imbalances of pitta and kapha bodymind types.

Symptoms of pitta imbalance are high blood pressure, anger, frustration and emotional upsets.

Symptoms of kapha imbalance are high cholesterol, low metabolic forces, slow to lose weight, fluid retention, stagnation and blockage, lethargy and depression.

3 Love and Forgiveness Exercises

Dispense 1-3 drops of Cypress oil, steam distilled leaf (needle), grown in the warm Mediterranean climates, i.e. Crete and France produce best distillations.

Inhale the scent for 10-30 seconds as you do any of the following simple Love and Forgiveness Exercises.

  1. Send love and forgiveness to yourself or others when there is struggle and resistance.
  2. To immediately release emotional fear and resistance to whatever is happening simply focus in your heart, let go and allow whatever is happening to be okay.
  3. Allow yourself to let go of any incessant pushing for results and resisting what is.

At the end of your exercise give yourself time to breathe and relax. Trust that life loves and supports you.

Affirmation: “Life is happening for me and unfolds perfectly.”

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