Role of Beliefs & Emotions for Healing the Shadow

Your beliefs about yourself and life are the KEYSTONE to getting free of subconscious patterns of fear and resistance.

As you probably already know your beliefs operate automatically at the subconscious level. Your beliefs are part of a repeating story you’ve been telling yourself since early childhood.

Here's something you may not know. Your egoic-mind operates off of beliefs and emotions while your natural Self functions spontaneously from intuition.

To instantly shift your state of consciousness away from a 'fearful story' that creates 'resistance' simply breathe and relax. Be still, quiet and present in the moment.

There is nothing more you need to do. The moment you surrender and embrace how you feel is when you will automatically shift into your natural state of awareness which is always peaceful, supportive and calm.

Inhaling pure essential oils can help you to relax and make this shift more easily. The oils I recommend most are Ylang Ylang III, the citrus scented oils Melissa, Bergamot (download my free ebook below), Sweet Orange, Neroli and Tangerine and, of course, Rose.

It takes only a second to create a bit of free space and become aware of your natural Self. Simply breathe and relax into the present moment, accepting whatever is happening.

With repetition it will become easier to unplug from habitual egoic-mind patterns of fear and resistance. Eventually you will develop a habit of creating ‘free’ space and more easily shift your focus of attention to your natural Self. This 'free' space will grow and expand overtime and the egoic-mind begins to dissolve. 

Take your time to get clear and centered before responding, no matter how urgent things may feel. You will find in many cases that things just naturally resolve themselves.

You will face challenges to transforming and healing your shadow and the unconscious conditioned and repeating stories you tell yourself.

These challenges prepare you for achieving the dreams and visions that are encoded within yourself, lying dormant and awaiting activation.

Focusing on deepening your faith and capacity for love will neutralize the effects of shadow possession.

You must be strong and learn to trust and interpret everything that happens as conspiring for you, on your behalf. This is the distinction between those who succeed in life and those who fail.

Winners always see everything that happens as preparing them to face challenges on the road to success. A winner develops the character qualities and success habits necessary to realize their dreams.

Chronic pain and feeling miserable, what Eckhart Tolle refers to as the “Pain Body,” (whether physical, mental, or emotional) have resulted from habitual repeated responses to automatic triggers.

You must become alert to triggers as they start. With practice you can learn to disrupt and even break your habitual patterns of reacting to automatic triggers before momentum sets in.

When the habitual pattern of response gains hold you lose consciousness and the ability to take 'free' space for acting and responding from clarity. You become reactive and start spinning your habitual egoic-mind stories. It's a real trap and can be a vicious cycle!

Rather focus with curiosity on identifying the emotion that gets triggered rather than the story (belief) you’re telling yourself that triggered the emotion. Discovering the ‘emotion’ behind your story is THE KEYSTONE that once discerned will cause the entire structure of any painful story to fall apart.

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