Healing Salve Recipe

I love that our bodies and minds naturally heal themselves.

All that’s required is to use the right method of treatment to support the inherent healing wisdom of nature.

I’ve always trusted this natural healing life force energy within each of us. It just always made perfect sense that life would heal itself given the chance.

My herbal healing salve made with essential oils has healed numerous skin issues over the years. To date my skin has healed from more than two dozen unsightly skin tags, growths and blemishes.

The healing salve recipe I’m sharing with you is, you might say, one of my best kept secrets. I’ve never shared it with anyone else before now.

Directions for Use

I massage the area of my skin that has a skin growth or blemish with my herbal healing salve consistently (once daily) until the skin blemish or growth is completely gone.

Some of the skin blemishes I’ve treated successfully I’ve had for 10 years, or longer. These longer term growths took more time to completely heal and disappear.

Blemishes that I've massaged with my salve immediately upon their first appearance for several minutes daily have all disappeared within a few days to a few weeks.

Natural healing has no set time limit for achieving its results. Each blemish seems to have its own unique individual time frame for complete healing to occur.

100% Success Rate

So far every skin tag, blemish or growth I’ve treated with daily massage using my herbal healing salve has completely healed and disappeared and never returned.

I used to make custom lip balms and salves, but they didn’t sell well in the store.

I’m teaching you how to make your own DIY healing salve in a few minutes. You can refrigerate and use as needed. 

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