Essential Oil Herbal Healing Salve Preparation

Makes three 1-one ounce containers of herbal healing salve.

Preparation time: 15 minutes.

You can refrigerate and use as needed.

I used to make custom lip balms and salves, but they didn’t sell well in the store.

I’m teaching you how to make your own DIY healing salve in a few minutes. You can refrigerate and use as needed. 

100% Success Rate

So far every skin tag, blemish or growth I’ve treated with daily massage using my herbal healing salve has completely healed and disappeared and never returned.

Preparation – what you will need:
  1. Light coconut oil - ¼ cup (4 Tablespoons).
  2. Beeswax - 1 Tablespoon - less makes your salve softer, more gives it a more firm consistency.
  3. Herbal synergy blend - 30-36 drops.
  4. Shea or Cocoa butter - 1 Tablespoon.
  5. Vitamin E oil - 4 drops (preservative).


  • Put beeswax into light coconut oil and heat in a double boiler.
  • You can also make a ‘homemade’ double boiler simply by using a Pyrex glass measuring cup inside a pan of water.
  • Heat oil and beeswax mixture over low medium heat until the beeswax completely melts in the oil.
  • Remove from heat source and allow the liquid ingredients of oil and beeswax to cool slightly before adding your essential oil synergy blend. Heating essential oils can render them less therapeutically effective, so wait. 
  • You can guesstimate or use a cooking thermometer. The temp should ideally be at 98.6º F (37º C) and below 101º F (38.3º C).
  • Gently blend in your herbal synergy blend with a sterile instrument. Then, pour salve immediately into 3-one ounce containers, refrigerate and allow your herbal salve to cool and set.

Instructions for Use

Apply tiny amount of salve with your finger tip to area of your skin where you have a skin tag, blemish or growth. Then gently massage area.

Be sure to make contact with tissues beneath the skin as you massage. You want to increase circulation to the area to promote healing of tissue.


I’ve found that a daily massage with the herbal healing salve for several minutes is sufficient to promote healing of the tissue.

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