Blending Secrets Guide Time to Formulate Your Perfect Blend!

My Blending Secrets Guide

My blending secrets guide will guide you step-by-step exactly how to Create the Perfect Blend.

You will learn how to wed the artistry of blending with the craftsmanship needed to make each of your blends sing and achieve remarkable results.

After a little practice, you will know the aroma qualities and effects of many different essential oils and enjoy creating your very own aromatherapy blends using the Language of Aroma and your Intuitive Sense of Smell to satisfy your personal needs!

Formulating the Perfect Blend

To make a blend of essential oils for the first time I recommend you start with a size of bottle larger than necessary, so you have room to experiment and allow your blend to evolve.

The first time I create a new blend I usually start with a one ounce sized colored glass bottle that can be tightly sealed with a screw cap.

You’re experimenting with the oils to create your perfect blend and its best to have plenty of room to formulate your blend. Later you can transfer your blend to a smaller colored glass euro-dropper bottle for dispensing your oils. Right now you’re in the blending creation mode.

What's The Purpose of Your Blend

Next you must decide for what purpose you want to use your essential oil blend.

  • Perfume
  • Pain Relief
  • Relaxation
  • Beauty and Skin Care
  • Other…

Blending Secrets Guide

  1. Choose three essential oils (top, middle and base notes) you want to use in your blend. Take into consideration the desired effect you want from your blend.

  2. Get an aromatherapy journal or clean sheet of paper to write down the names of each essential oil you will be using to formulate your blend. You will record the number of drops of each oil you add to your blend. You’re writing down the recipe you’re creating.

  3. Add 1-3 drops of your selected essential oil. Write down its aroma quality and characteristic effects and whether it is a top, middle or base note. I recommend you start with your base note oil though you may want to experiment and find out what works best for you.

    I like to start with the base note as (in most cases) they are less volatile and will not have an immediate tendency to evaporate. The base note will also anchor the middle and high notes, so they’re less susceptible to rapid evaporation.

    If you’re going to walk away from your blend for any length of time I recommend you cap the bottle tightly as a precaution to prevent evaporation. This also helps you develop your relationship with the oils. For me aromatic blending is a sacred act of communion with the oils and I’m always sending them my love and appreciation.

  4. Add 1-3 drops of another of your selected essential oils. Write down its aroma quality and characteristic effects and whether it’s a top, middle or base note.

  5. Add 1-3 drops of your third essential oil, noting its aroma quality and characteristic effects, as well as if it is a top, middle or base note.

  6. Cap the top of the bottle and shake vigorously blending the oils.

Allow your initial blend of oils to set (capped) for at least 1-5 minutes (or longer), then dispense 1-3 drops of your blend onto a perfume smell strip or cotton ball and inhale the scent to get a first impression of your initial blend.

How do you feel about the balance in ratio of your oils in the blend?

You can add more of each essential oil to your blend at this point as feels intuitively right to you.

Go slow when adding and blending essential oils. Really tune into how you naturally respond after adding and blending each oil.

At any point in the blending process, when you feel ready, stop adding more oils and allow them to synergize until next week’s article when I’ll guide you in your next steps.

Transfer your blend to a smaller bottle, if needed. Make sure the bottle is tightly capped and store in a cool dark place. Do not refrigerate as this will inhibit the oil’s ability to synergize.

When essential oils are left to synergize properly (24 hours or longer) the combination of their individual properties, actions and effects are multiplied exponentially.

A synergy blend is much more potent that any one of its single ingredients.

Join me next week for more about, How To Create the Perfect Blend Using Your Intuitive Sense of Smell.

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