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When is Enough, Enough? Mastering The Art of The Blend!

Sampling Your Synergy BlendNow its time to sample your blend’s aroma. Dispense one drop of your synergy blend onto a smell strip, tissue or cotton ball and inhale the aroma. When sampling the aroma you will probably notice the scent of one of the essential oils more than the rest. This is usually the case. The lighter, higher, top notes are usually most discernible on first inhalation. As your blend begins to synergize the aroma qualities will change and take on a unique character. Allow space for this synergistic action to happen. You’ll be glad you did! How you begin sets a firm foundation for Mastering The Art of The Blend. You’re gathering the information you need to create a...

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Blending Secrets Guide Time to Formulate Your Perfect Blend!

My Blending Secrets GuideMy blending secrets guide will guide you step-by-step exactly how to Create the Perfect Blend. You will learn how to wed the artistry of blending with the craftsmanship needed to make each of your blends sing and achieve remarkable results. After a little practice, you will know the aroma qualities and effects of many different essential oils and enjoy creating your very own aromatherapy blends using the Language of Aroma and your Intuitive Sense of Smell to satisfy your personal needs! Formulating the Perfect Blend To make a blend of essential oils for the first time I recommend you start with a size of bottle larger than necessary, so you have room to experiment and allow your...

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