When is Enough, Enough? Mastering The Art of The Blend!

Sampling Your Synergy Blend

Now its time to sample your blend’s aroma.

Dispense one drop of your synergy blend onto a smell strip, tissue or cotton ball and inhale the aroma.

When sampling the aroma you will probably notice the scent of one of the essential oils more than the rest. This is usually the case. The lighter, higher, top notes are usually most discernible on first inhalation.

As your blend begins to synergize the aroma qualities will change and take on a unique character. Allow space for this synergistic action to happen. You’ll be glad you did!

How you begin sets a firm foundation for Mastering The Art of The Blend.

You’re gathering the information you need to create a truly mesmerizing blend. So take time and allow your blend to synergize.

Writing down your aroma experiences also deepens your awareness of each essential oil and how it blends with other oils.

At a certain point, usually with 30 minutes after your initial blending session, sometimes longer, you’ll notice the blend’s aroma begins to stabilize somewhat.

Thick oils can take longer to synergize.

One of the reasons I only add 1-3 drops when first starting an initial blend is that the time required for synergy is less.

Message In A Bottle - Notes To Yourself

You may notice that the aroma of certain essential oils lingers longer in your memory. If so, keep notes to yourself in your journal.

Are you able to discern the individual oils? Write it down.

How have the oils changed or been enhanced by the other oils in the blend? 

Write down absolutely everything you notice about your experience of the three blended oils in synergy.

Are You Happy?

Now the next important question to ask yourself is, are you happy with the ratio of the oils?

Does 1-3 drops of each oil in the blend seem the right ratio?

Does your blend lack harmony?

The aroma qualities and language of aromas sing to your senses like muses inspiring you to formulate a balanced blend for harmonizing body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Listen deeply as you experiment with the creation of your aromatic formulation.

As you do this you will naturally get a feel for when to emphasize a particular aromatic note.

You will begin to understand the language of aroma to achieve your desired results.

Now add one additional drop of any one of the oils that especially calls to you. You feel that you want to experience more of that particular note in your blend.

Be sure to record each drop you add to your blend in your aromatherapy journal, or on your recipe sheet.

Cap your bottle and shake vigorously to blend the oils each time after adding an oil. Then dispense 1-3 drops on smell strip or cotton ball and inhale.

Mastering The Art of The Blend

Master these blending guidelines and allow your blend to synergize. 

Take time to fully savor your aromatic experience when blending. Move forward slowly and keep notes of everything you do and experience during the process.

Taking time to formulate your essential oil blend slowly, in a gradual step-by-step manner, will develop your confidence and intuitive sense of smell when blending.

Focus and pay close attention. Continue to notice and note your experience of the oils as you create your blend.

In this way you will Master The Art of The Blend.

Continue to add one drop at a time of each oil that calls to you until you feel the blend is complete and pleasing to your senses.

Keeping track of the number of drops of each essential oil while blending ensures you won’t forget the exact recipe of a blend should it be a memorable one for you.

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