Music & The Artistry of Blending

What Do Music and Blending Have in Common?

Just as with music you've discovered that the language of aroma has top or high notes, middle notes and bottom or base notes.

You create music when your blend of essential oils is harmonious and pleasing to the senses, as well as has the qualities needed to produce the desired therapeutic effects.


In aromatherapy blending becomes craftsmanship when you learn how to use the tools of essential oils for healing.

Craftsmanship is learning which essential oils to use for producing certain therapeutic results and the method of application to use for the best outcomes and desired effects.

When you learn the different techniques to use in practice this is craftsmanship.

Your craftsmanship allows the oils to achieve their greatest potential for promoting balance and healing.


Whereas artistry is when you blend aromatic scents in a delightful way and create harmony between ingredients. Selecting and blending aromas that enhance one another in a synergetic dance that is captivating to the senses is artistry.

When you make music with essential oils it moves beyond craftsmanship to artistry and becomes an intangible experience.

Etheric Nature Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are not really tangible. They are aromatic vapors that quickly evaporate when they meet the elements of light, heat and air. Interestingly it is the contact with the elements which releases the scent of essential oils.

You actually feel aromatic scents. Your rational brain is not at all involved in your process of smell. Scent reaches the deepest part you!

To keep your blends vibrant and consistent you have to use all your knowledge and the blending techniques you will learn, as well as how to connect with your blend exactly like a musician to make music that you and others can appreciate and benefit from using.

You’ve seen someone who knows all the steps of a dance, but can’t feel the music in their body. Their movements are stiff and awkward, out of sync. The natural free flow of dancing in response to the beat and rhythm of the music is inhibited even though they’ve learned all the dance steps.

As with dancing to music you must connect with the oils and feel them at a visceral level to know how you respond and experience them directly and intuitively.

Having an intellectual idea and knowledge about essential oils from what you’ve learned about them (though great!) will not help you to Create the Perfect Blend. 

You must allow yourself to touch and be touched by the oils. It’s very much an intimate relationship.

Let your intuitive felt sense about the essential oils guide you. Some oils will speak to you more loudly than others, but if you are attuned to the oils you will develop a communion with them. Then, partnership will always be at the heart of your experience when blending.

Just like the finest culinary chefs with food ingredients, or the most gifted musicians with their instruments Its through developing an intimate relationship with the oils that you will learn how to create the greatest beauty and harmony when blending aromatic formulas.

When you commune with your essential oils you can produce incredible healing results in practice.

Join me next week for more about, How To Create the Perfect Blend Using Your Intuitive Sense of Smell.

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You will learn how to wed the artistry of blending with the craftsmanship needed to make each of your blends sing and achieve remarkable results.

After a little practice, you will know the aroma qualities and effects of many different essential oils and enjoy creating your very own aromatherapy blends to satisfy your personal needs!

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