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Home Sweet Home +Plus A Classic Calming & Grounding Blend Recipe

The Language of Aroma - Blends That Dance & Sing!There are a variety of classifications of base, middle and top note scents used in aromatherapy to describe odor profile. I’ll introduce you to several and give examples of essential oils in each. Base Note Scents - Lowest notes on the musical scale. These oils give depth and anchor a blend. When you inhale the scent of a base note you can feel it’s grounding influence. You may feel base notes primarily in the lower region of your body and gut area. Balsamic - Peaceful, grounding aroma that is sweet, soft, and rich. A few inhalations of a balsamic oil can instantly promote a feeling of peace and calm. May bring to...

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The Secret To Creating The Perfect Blend Let Your Nose Guide You!

People are often put-off from learning how to blend essential oils because they believe that first they must learn about chemistry before being able to formulate a therapeutically effective blend.Instead the first and most important thing for you to learn is how to touch and be touched by the oils. Developing your intuition when using essential oils is the most important first step in creating the perfect blend. It’s the intimate relationship you develop with your oils that guides you to create the perfect blend, not the science and knowledge about its chemical properties. Though, of course, these are important considerations. It's true that essential oils have a broad spectrum application according to their therapeutic properties and actions, but more...

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