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Essential Oils for Healing Negative Emotions +6 Types of Fear & 16 Common Personality Traits

Essential Oils for Healing Emotions Essential oils are especially good for promoting emotional healing. Although your individual experience of an oil is most paramount, there are select oils that can be especially helpful for dissolving each of the negative emotional patterns we’ll be covering in this series of articles. We are living in extreme times. Staying centered and grounded has never been more important. Do you know what keeps you balanced and what throws you out of balance? Finding out your answers to these two questions can help you stay aligned with what supports you through any chaos, or confusion. As well as, importantly help you know when to energetically disengage from what brings you no feeling of joy, satisfaction,...

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Life Visioning Meditation Free Yourself from Fear about the Future +EO Recipe

Soothe any trouble and quietenyourmindandemotions as youexperience a life visioning meditation. Plus, with the assistance of Archangel Michael, free yourself from any fear, or trepidation about the future and living your best life. Feelings drive your actions. Fear is the single greatest inhibitor of freely flowing through your life experience. Fear triggers your fight, flight and freeze response. Not much information for making positive choices and changes can get through such a barricade of overwhelming fear. The primary mechanism of fear is the need to control outcomes. The more you access and free up your feelings the better your outcomes in life will be. Fear operates off of a fight, flight or freeze response and block the Divine guidance of...

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