Essential Oils for Healing Negative Emotions +6 Types of Fear & 16 Common Personality Traits

Essential Oils for Healing Emotions

Essential oils are especially good for promoting emotional healing. Although your individual experience of an oil is most paramount, there are select oils that can be especially helpful for dissolving each of the negative emotional patterns we’ll be covering in this series of articles.

We are living in extreme times. Staying centered and grounded has never been more important.

Do you know what keeps you balanced and what throws you out of balance?

Finding out your answers to these two questions can help you stay aligned with what supports you through any chaos, or confusion. As well as, importantly help you know when to energetically disengage from what brings you no feeling of joy, satisfaction, or happiness.

Your mind will always seek a way of relating to any event, or person that impacts you personally. For stability of your mind and emotions discovering your own core identity, beyond personality or self image, will help keep you relating openly and honestly in any life circumstance.

Now more than perhaps ever before in human history we are being given an opportunity to become aware of our patterns of relating with ourselves and with others.

What is the Egoic Mind?

The ego mind is, in many respects, just another name for the shadow. It is essentially a projection of your mind that acts as a defense strategy. Essentially the ego arises out of fear and meant to give you the illusion of being in control and keeping you safe.

The ego mind runs off of repeating patterns of thought.

The very cyclical and habitual nature of thoughts can give you an illusion of the longed for constancy and predictability that your mind craves. Which in itself can give rise to a false sense of security. Thus, the ego mind wins out time and again in this battle for authority and dominion over your true Self.

One of the most insidious patterns the ego mind uses to maintain control is to create confusion and seeming conflict. Subterfuge and sabotage are two of the ego’s favorite ways of sucking you into its story. Not the truth about who you are and what is happening, but rather the “story” the ego makes up about who you are and how life is.

The ego is very tricky and can easily suck you into repeating patterns. Like an easily worn groove, habits often die hard as the momentum of past actions gains authority over your actions and reactions.

Have you ever experienced changing everything and yet, nothing changes?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to break a mental habit patterns is to discover the key emotion behind the pattern.

Fear #1 Negative Emotion

Fear is the KEY emotion of your ego mind and manifests as resistance to whatever is happening. The ego’s primary objective in life is to remain in control at all costs.

Co-dependency is the dance the ego often plays with others to stay in control and feel safe.

There are different “root causes, or reasons” you may experience fear. The emotion of fear gets tagged by the mind to a wide variety of incidents that may have befallen you in life.

One negative emotion can give rise to thousands of negative, repeating thoughts.

Your mind can become attached to and fearful of repeating life events. Thus, setting you up for blocks to your experiencing a fulfilling life in some areas.

Explore each of the “types of fears” and the “common traits of fear based personalities” for insights that can help free you from repeating negative emotional and mental patterns.

6 Types of Fear

Shocking and traumatic events
Material loss
Losing one’s sanity
Unknown fears
Worry as a strategy to combat anxiety

16 Common Traits of Fear Based Personalities

Tendency toward negative emotions
Anxious or irritable much of the time
Emotionally unstable
Habitual self doubt
Feeling self conscious or shy
Tendency to sadness/depression and moodiness
Easily upset or stressed
Mood swings
Lack of resiliency and adaptability
Unwillingness to change and to learn from past mistakes
Feels guilty over minor incidences
Easily offended
Frequently feels jealous or envious of others
Easily frustrated/angered

3 Key Essential oils to help dissolve the emotion of fear and negative personality traits:

Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus sinensis)

Aromas: Fresh, sweet, citrus and fruity
Chemical Family: Monoterpene (High Limonene 93%)

The Happy Oil! Psycho-emotionally, Sweet Orange Oil clears and cleanses negative emotions, refreshes your heart and soul as it opens and lightens your heart. Sweet orange oil can help you to laugh and find your sense of humor.

 (Nardostachys jatamansi)

Aromas: Sweet, earthy, resinous, woody, exotic and sensual, warm and radiant
Chemical Family:

A relative of the Valerian family, Spikenard is one of the most powerfully soothing and calming oils in aromatherapy. It is often recommended for easing anxiety and stress. Psycho-emotionally, Spikenard promotes emotional balance. It may be useful for releasing old fears and anxiety stemming from past trauma.

Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)

Aromas: Sweet, floral, balsamic, exotic, sensual and earthy
Chemical Family: High Sesquiterpene & Ester

Comprised almost entirely of sesquiterpenes which give Ylang Ylang its soothing and calming properties. Inhalation of Ylang Ylang may be useful for calming anxiety. It is one the first essential oils to consider for relief of tension and stress. 

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