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The Future of Aromatherapy - 7 World Renowned Experts Speak Out!

When asked to contribute to a Professional Compendium on the ‘Future of Aromatherapy’ I jumped at the chance. The assortment of contributions you'll discover in the compendium are tremendously varied and cover a broad range of aromatherapy topics that I’m sure will interest you. The ‘Future of Aromatherapy’ Professional Compendium Topics: Brief History of Aromatics History of Clinical Aromatherapy Clinical Uses Education Essential Oil Safety Integrative Medicine Research Protecting Threatened Plant Species As the compendium includes contributions from aromatherapy experts from around the world, please keep in mind that several contributions advocate pharmacological usage, including ingestion. The practitioners making these contributions live in countries with completely different standards for regulatory guidelines regarding usage of aromatherapy for its practitioners. In the United...

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Don’t Do This and Your Oils Could Lose There Effectiveness or Worse

For getting the most effective results from using your oil or blend, as well as to prevent sensitization and allergies you must rotate your oils and blends. Here’s How When you first start using your oils limit the amount of oils you use and the duration of your exposure.For instance if you are diffusing your essential oils start with only 15-30 minutes per day. As you become accustomed to the oils and recognize their effects you may increase your time of exposure to them. If you’ve used essential oils for any period of time you’ve probably discovered less is always more in aromatherapy and when using your oils. One drop of an essential oil is equal to about 3-4 cups of plant...

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