Don’t Do This and Your Oils Could Lose There Effectiveness or Worse

For getting the most effective results
from using your oil or blend, as well as to prevent sensitization and allergies you must rotate your oils and blends. 

Here’s How 

When you first start using your oils limit the amount of oils you use and the duration of your exposure.

For instance if you are diffusing your essential oils start with only 15-30 minutes per day. As you become accustomed to the oils and recognize their effects you may increase your time of exposure to them.

If you’ve used essential oils for any period of time you’ve probably discovered less is always more in aromatherapy and when using your oils.

One drop of an essential oil is equal to about 3-4 cups of plant matter. That makes essential oils extremely potent and powerful healing agents.

It is common after continued use overtime with an oil or blend to become so accustomed to their scent in the air that you lose your ability to notice them.

Have you ever had friends stop by and comment on how great the aroma is in your house, yet you no longer notice it?

Let me assure you all the therapeutic benefits of essential oils are being delivered even though you can no longer discern their smell.

It’s important that you monitor your exposure to essential oils, so that you don’t overload your nervous system with continued use.

As with all foods and supplements you need to rotate your essential oils and not use the same ones daily as this in itself can lead to sensitization and even allergic reaction to an oil you continually use.

Essential oil are like any dietary supplement that you take as a constitutional remedy. The general guide when taking a constitutional remedy is to rotate your oils. That means using your oil no more than 3 days in a row, then taking a 1-2 day break from using it.

The general rule is that a supplement becomes a constitutional remedy when you use it for more than 3 months duration.

Besides preventing sensitization and allergies rotation of your oils also ensures their effectiveness for getting the desired results for which you’re taking them.

Skin Patch Test

It’s always a good idea when you are introducing a new essential oil to do a skin patch test before using.

To do a skin patch test simply dilute one drop of your essential oil in a carrier oil like light fractionated coconut oil or jojoba and apply to the inside of your elbow or back of your knee. Be sure you clean the area thoroughly before applying. If you use any petroleum based or synthetic products the oil may react to the product. So be sure the area is clean before applying your oil then cover with a bandaid.

Leave on for 24 hours then check to see if there is any redness, swelling, or signs of irritation If so you don’t want to use the oil. The oil can be reacting to products you’ve previously used on your skin, or even in your diet, or you may be sensitive and reacting to the chemical properties contained in the oil. Either way you don’t want to use the oil.

You may test again later to see if your results are the same.

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