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Top 10 Antimicrobial Oils by Chemistry +EO Hand Cleaner Recipes

How to Protect Your Immune System Naturally?All you have to  to to protect yourself naturally from picking up bugs is to practice a few simple ‘common sense’ measures.The #1 MOST important and best way to protect your immune system’s health is to Promote a healthy microbiome.  Your first line of defense against any bugs is your gut. Natural health practiioners have known this for years, but science is finally catching up. Science has finally made the game changing discovery that up to 70% of your immune system is located in your gut.  This means your food can act as a medicine (or poison) depending upon your dietary choices. Do you eat to satisfy your needs for delicious foods that nourish your...

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6 Signs Your Immune System Needs a Boost

Some people sail through the cold and flu season without a cough or runny nose. While others are continually side lined with uncomfortable symptoms like congested sinus, sore throat, fever and persistent cough. Why is this?  Research shows that your increased susceptibility to catching a cold or the flu may result from lifestyle habits you may not even be aware of, until now. 6 Signs Your Immune System Needs Support 1 - Your Stress Level is High Turns out, ongoing stress plays a MAJOR role in your succumbing to colds and the flu. Research in the field of "psychoneuroimmunology" has shown that mental and emotional stress dramatically weaken your immune system by decreasing your body’s production of white blood cells...

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Essential Oils for Boosting Immunity

In this series of articles you’re going to find out about your immune system. We’ll look at how a healthy immune system functions and signs that you may need additional support.You'll be introduced to the essential oils that research shows are best for supporting a healthy immune system. These oils may also help give you soothing support for common symptoms of cold and flu. What is your immune system? Your body has a built-in house keeping system that functions 24/7 as your bodyguard to protect you against foreign invaders. Your immune system works with your other body organs and systems to keep every part of you clean, clear and healthy. Similar to home maintenance, your immune system cares for the...

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