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5 Most Potent Anti-fungal Properties Essential Oils +Research & EO Recipe

Five aromatic constituents of essential oils (cineole, citral, geraniol, linalool and menthol) were tested against twelve fungi (three yeast-like and nine filamentous). The citral and geraniol oils were the most effective (inhibiting all twelve fungi), followed by linalool (inhibiting ten fungi), cineole and menthol (each of which inhibited seven fungi) compounds. Both the citral and geraniol containing oils are classified as aldehydes - the cleaners of aromatherapy. Citral (inhibits 12 fungi) is an aroma compound used frequently in the perfume industry for its citrus effect. It’s also used as a food flavor and  to fortify the effects of lemon oil. Additional to Citral’s potent anti fungal qualities, it is frequently used as an insecticide. It is also a great fat burner and excellent...

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Top 10 Antimicrobial Oils by Chemistry +EO Hand Cleaner Recipes

How to Protect Your Immune System Naturally?All you have to  to to protect yourself naturally from picking up bugs is to practice a few simple ‘common sense’ measures.The #1 MOST important and best way to protect your immune system’s health is to Promote a healthy microbiome.  Your first line of defense against any bugs is your gut. Natural health practiioners have known this for years, but science is finally catching up. Science has finally made the game changing discovery that up to 70% of your immune system is located in your gut.  This means your food can act as a medicine (or poison) depending upon your dietary choices. Do you eat to satisfy your needs for delicious foods that nourish your...

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