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7 Time Tested Plant Aromatics Used For Centuries By Energy Medicine Practitioners To Clear Energy

Here are my  favorite time tested energy clearing aromatic oils. Each of these plant aromatics has been used by energy medicine  practitioners for centuries to clear negative or stagnant energy.  Click on the name of each oil to find out more and why I recommend it so highly.Lemon (Citrus limonum) -  The scent is fresh, sweet, citrusy and fruity, Smells like fresh lemon.  Lemon is an excellent cleanser, detoxifier and bodymind tonic. Its powerful astringent properties help cut through obsessive, repetitive thought patterns and think fresh thoughts. Cautions: Skin sensitization if oxidized (recommend refrigeration). Phototoxic (low risk). Maximum dermal use level 2.0%. Citrus oils are considered phototoxic and care should be taken when using them in skin applications. Please avoid exposure to...

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