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Best Oatmeal Recipe Ever in Minutes Secrets in the Sauce +Sugar Free Options

Oatmeal was my favorite breakfast food when I was a child. Still today cooking oatmeal brings back wonderful memories of my grandmother lovingly preparing oatmeal for me. Everything about her concoction of oatmeal seemed magical. The pot she cooked it in, the freshly clean and crisp apron she wore, and the smells wafting through the air, all still linger with me today. My grandmother's preparation of food was always a deeply nurturing experience for me. The warmth of that early childhood memory has stayed with me throughout my life. Because of my early childhood experiences with home cooked meals I’ve always enjoyed preparing my own food, made with love at home, and seldom eat out. I enjoy the feeling of deep...

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Delicious Low Cal Candida Safe Oat Bran Muffins for the Holidays

Celebrate the holidays and eliminate your worry about gaining weight. You'll have absolutely no concern about putting on pesky pounds with these delicious low cal candida safe oat bran muffins.These muffins are also a safe, diabetic-friendly alternative and especially popular at brunch. Let’s face it, the holidays can have you putting on needless weight when all is said and done. Tempting treats are available everywhere you look. You love going to all those holiday gatherings with friends and family and enjoy eating those yummy treats at the time, right? But may later regret it after the holidays. But weighing in heavier than you’d like after the holidays doesn’t have to be. By taking these sumptuous muffins with you to your...

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