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4 Potent Essential Oil Surface Cleaners +Easy to Use Recipes

Each of these essential oils is readily available on the world market for purchase and relatively inexpensive. Each is known for its clean, fresh scent and has a well-earned reputation for being potent cleansing, clearing and cleaning agents. Combining the oils in a synergy blend enhances their individual properties for even greater effects. Lemon Tea Tree (Leptospermum petersonii) Chemical Family - Aldehyde  Cleansing properties Supports a healthy immune system Promotes safe natural insect protection Lemon Tea Tree has a wonderfully clean, fresh lemon scent. Combining the cleansing power of its aldehyde content, as well as the cooling and purifying effects of tea tree oil, Lemon tea tree is packed with all the properties needed to support a healthy immune system. ...

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Essential Oils & Juicing to Detoxify Your Body Safely from Heavy Metals & Toxins

Simplest, easiest solutions for you to get started juicing right now and essential oils to use - all your questions answeredEver wonder exactly how you could get ALL of the recommended daily amount of vegetables and fruits into your diet? The simple answer, JuicingPopular trend has it that one of the best things you can do to promote health, healing and longevity is to introduce fresh juice into your diet as part of your overall nutrition plan.Consider this an open discussion for a friendly chat about juicing. Please feel free to share what you've tried with juicing (if you have) and what has worked best for you and what hasn't. We can all benefit and learn from each other!Getting started...

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