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Can Grounding aka Earthing (the direct contact of the human body with the earth) provide you with a current of life sustaining energy and replenish your supply of electrons?

Electricity is Everywhere

Most importantly electricity is what drives your human body. You have to have electrons to conduct electricity. Electrons are the negatively charged particles of an atom. Together, all of the electrons of an atom create a negative charge that balances the positive charge of the protons in the atomic nucleus.

Our cells are specialized to conduct electrical currents. The elements in our bodies, like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, have a specific electrical charge. Almost all of our cells can use these charged elements, called ions, to generate electricity.

Cell membranes, made up of lipids, generate electrical currents in the body. The inside of our cells are more positively charged which act to activate electrical currents and pulses that initiate appropriate movements in the body.

Disruptions in electrical currents can lead to illness. For instance, the heart muscle must generate electrical currents in order for the heart muscle to rhythmically contract. Doctors use an electrocardiogram (EKG) to read these electrical pulses. Irregular electrical currents can lead to a heart attack. This is just one example of the crucial role that electricity has in the creation of our health.

Emerging scientific evidence has revealed the overlooked positive environmental effect that direct physical contact has on our health. The earth’s surface (except for dessert and barren land) has a limitless supply of electrons. The air above the surface of Earth is positively charged, while the Earth's surface charge is negative. Allowing for a free flow of life sustaining electrical current upon the earth.

The research suggests that our modern lifestyle separates us from contact with the Earth’s surface. Throughout history, we humans mostly walked barefoot or wore footwear made of animal skins. We slept on the ground or on animal skins. The Earth’s free electrons were able to enter our body, which would conduct the negative electrical charge from the earth. This way, every cell of our body could equilibrate with the electrical pulse of the Earth. This connection with the Earth would stabilize the electrical environments of all our organs, tissues, and cells.

It is well known that electrons from antioxidant molecules neutralize reactive oxygen species (ROS), or free radicals which activate inflammatory reactions in the body. The National Library of Medicine's online resource PubMed lists 7021 studies and 522 review articles from a search of “antioxidant + electron + free radical.” Scientists have concluded that the influx of free electrons from the Earth absorbed into the body through direct contact likely neutralizes ROS and thereby reduces acute and chronic inflammation resulting in numerous health benefits.

In other words, the living matrix of our ‘earth’ body serves as our primary antioxidant defense system. The living organic system of our body requires occasional recharging by conductive contact with the Earth’s surface, or other earthing methods, i.e. essential oils, sea salt bath and gemstones and crystals like obsidian and shungite, among others. The fullerene content of shungite is what gives it healing properties. Believed to be a miracle stone, shungite is said to help in the treatment of physical health ailments, boost mental health, and induce positive energy. Fullerenes are powerful and long-acting antioxidants

Studies show that the Earth is the “battery” for all of planetary life and contact with it must be maintained to maintain optimal health.

Scientists are now surmising that this disconnect from the earth may be a major contributor to declining health and general unwellness. In recent years chronic illness, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases have increased dramatically. Many researchers are pointing to environmental factors as the cause. However, until now our disconnection with the Earth's surface has not been considered as a cause for ill health.

Multi-disciplinary studies have shown astounding positive benefits when test subjects were reconnected with the Earth's electrons, including better sleep and reduced pain levels. Earthing has been shown to initiate a shift from sympathetic (fight/flight) to parasympathetic (rest/recovery) in the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Earthing has been shown to reduce acute and chronic inflammation, muscle and joint pain, blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes, reduction in stress levels and tension, a boost in positive mood, an improvement in heart rate variability, and an improvement in the immune response. Earthing has also been shown to significantly increase the rate of wound healing and reduce tumorigenesis (growth of tumors)

A summary of benefits for Grounding aka Earthing has been published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health

Researchers studied both walking barefoot outside, as well as sitting, working, or sleeping indoors while connected to Earthing systems that conduct the Earth's electrons from the ground into the body.

Research concluded that Earthing is potentially a simple and easy way to access a health modality of significant clinical importance.

Studies also showed that Earthing reduces the electric fields induced in the body from exposure to electromotive forces (EMFs). EMFs are the electrical action produced by a non-electrical source, i.e. cells phones, WIFI, TVs, microwaves and computers.

As yet, there is disagreement about the safety of EMFs. There's no strong evidence supporting that EMFs are harmful to human health. However, according to the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), EMFs are “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

In a publication in the FASEB Journal on the Epidemiological Revolution of the 20th Century, author and researcher De Flora et al. wrote the following: “Since the late 20th century, chronic degenerative diseases have overcome infectious disease as the major causes of death in the 21st century, so an increase in human longevity will depend on finding an intervention that inhibits the development of these diseases and slows their progress.”

Regular direct contact with the Earth aka Grounding or Earthing can also help dramatically increase your powers of awareness and intuition. Through this series of articles you’ve been encouraged to pay attention to your intuitive voice. You can use Earthing to help you strengthen your intuition and develop even greater awareness.

Of course walking barefoot on the earth may not be an option for many of us, especially during winter months. However, you can use inexpensive methods of grounding as mentioned earlier, i.e. essential oils, sea salt baths, gemstones and crystals like obsidian and shungite.

You can also check out the latest Earthing technologies available online. Earthing.com was the original developer of the technology (no material association) though there may be other reputable manufacturers with similar devices. 

Best Earthing Essential Oils - two of the most grounding oils in aromatherapy.
Click on an oil to find out more, to buy, or for any safety cautions.

Galbanum (Ferula galbaniflua) - Earthy, spicy, herbal, warm, woody, balsamic and piney.

  • An ancient aromatic plant oil
  • Intensely green scent appreciated by perfumers
  • Referred to as the sacred "mother resin”
  • One of the oldest herbs
  • Psycho-emotionally calming, grounding and balancing
  • Contains regenerative/healing properties

The ancient Egyptians highly favored galbanum as a holy plant aromatic. The reputed “green” incense of ancient Egypt is thought to be galbanum.

Vetiver (Vetiveria ziazaniodies) - Sweet, earthy, balsamic, exotic and sensual with spicy undertones.

  • First choice for relieving anxiety and panic
  • Excellent for balancing the First Chakra
  • High Sesquiterpenoid content gives vetiver its exceptional grounding, calming, relaxing effect
  • Restorative and revitalizing oil
  • Helpful for relieving symptoms of shock and trauma

The strong and hearty roots of this tropical grass reach deep into the earth. Many countries plant Vetiver for protection against soil erosion. Vetiver can tolerate and survive even the severest conditions.

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