I Choose to Keep an Open Mind I Am a Love Finder Angelic Assistance & EO to Use

What would happen if you chose to see with the eyes of love?

What you focus upon with your mind is what you will see. The eyes of love see the world through a compassionate lens of acceptance and spiritual understanding. I call these ‘angel eyes.’

When you see with the eyes of love, instead of criticism, blame and judgement, you are, in effect, raising your own vibration. Higher frequency energy attracts like higher frequency energy. You will also feel better about yourself in the moment which is a mark of your own self respect. You’ll also achieve better results in all of your interactions in life when you choose to see with the eyes of love.

Experiment and see for yourself if this is true for you.

All events in life provide you with a golden opportunity to experience and transmit love, instead of fear and its cousins hate and anger. Anger and hate are simply ego defenses hiding your fear of others who you imagine are ‘different’ from you in any ‘real’ way.

In other words, we are all human beings with the same emotions, anatomical and energetic systems for sustaining our life in a body. External differences such as ethnicity, race, gender, religious creed, beliefs, or attitudes, are simply external variations, or surface appearances.

Accept Without Judging

Just try accepting everything that happens in your day without any projection of judgment about what is happening.

Most of us automatically assume everything is about us and meant to help, or hurt us. The truth is we ascribe the meaning of whatever happens. Nothing has any inherent meaning, or value on its own. The meaning of anything is directly tied to one's own experiencing of it.

You can choose to see everything that’s happening in life as here to help you.

Its All About Frequency

Life brings us opportunities to raise the level at which we live out our karmic blueprint we were born with. The map of what you will experience in life is laid out and symbolized by your astrology chart. How you choose to respond to life events is not written in your chart. You are free to choose how you will respond.

Exercising your free will to choose a ‘higher’ response, rather than reacting at a lower vibration to match a low vibration, helps to strengthen your own character and free will.

By taking just one day to stop yourself from judging others, or situations in your life, you’ll discover how much you judge and cast blame and opinions upon life and other people who inhabit your life.

What’s Your Frequency?

By going just one day from judging what happens no matter what occurs, you’ll discover how much you judge life and how it creates bad feelings that continually pollute your own peace of mind. Polluted thoughts are low vibration and will not attract an abundant, peaceful and prosperous life.

Letting go of the need for things to go your way in order for you to accept what is happening as okay is truly arrogant. Facing what’s happening, staying positive and seeing the opportunities available in the moment, empowers you to live a peaceful, prosperous and productive life.

To elevate your life experience to the higher frequency vibrations you must change the level of your own frequency to attract a completely different life experience than the one you’ve had to date.

One of the quickest ways to raise your frequency and attract better circumstances and outcomes for your life is through nonjudgmental acceptance of whatever is happening.

When you accept whatever is happening with a positive attitude and seeing with the eyes of love your experience of the world will completely change.


It is through repetition that you will create a new habit to see with the eyes of love. You will become a lover of life, not a fault finder. You’ll be making a positive life affirming choices to move toward a greater union with the world.

The universe is moving toward greater perfection and will support you to evolve your consciousness. When people know better in their hearts and mind they will do better. You have to move beyond the intellectual understanding to the actual realization in your consciousness.

Ego & Soul Motivation

An example of what I mean by this is, the ego does the right thing because of the rewards involved, or it doesn’t want the pain of punishment.

Whereas, the soul operates from self respect and honor. The soul does the right thing for its own sake whether any reward is attached. The soul does not care if anyone sees that it is doing the right thing. Reverence for the truth and goodness are at the heart of soul’s motivation and action in life.

All Things Work Together for Good

Life must be seen as a whole of interconnected occurrences. Nothing in life operates in a vacuum. As humans, we can only see a limited and minuscule part of what is happening in life. So, much of what sustains life operates below our ordinary ability to perceive that it is happening.

Taking life out of context from the wholeness that is operating at all times is to narrow the scope at which life functions. Life is much greater and grander than anything the mind can imagine. That’s why creative inspiration prompted by your intuition can help you align with magnificent results which your linear mind could never imagine possible.

Karmic Wheel

Are you tired of living on the karmic wheel of life? Wouldn't you rather be the originator and creator of your life experience?

Fault finding of yourself, or others, leads to the repetition of similar life experiences. If you want to elevate your life experience and change the kinds of experiences you have in life, then stop judging.

Have you ever noticed you can change everything externally, yet nothing changes about the way you experience life? You stay on the same karmic wheel of life. All the outer trappings have changed, but nothing has changed.

Finding fault is totally dependent upon your past experiences. Your attitudes, beliefs and judgments follow you around for a lifetime, until that is you let them go.

Try it for yourself and see. Just for a day withhold any judgement and see what happens.


  • I totally love and accept myself exactly as I am.
  • I totally love and accept others as they are.
  • I send out only love to the world.
  • I am a love finder.

You need to let go of the thought that judging another will bring you inner peace, or help you to attract the life you want for yourself.

Acceptance Oil 

Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) - The scent is fresh, sweet, floral and herbaceous.

  • Reputation as a universal healer with all purpose application
  • Classic oil for promoting relief of anger
  • A sedative, relieves stress and anxiety
  • Calms and soothes angry situations
  • Psycho-emotionally excellent for breaking bad habits and negative self talk

Archangel to Assist You

Gabriel's name means, “God is my strength.” Gabriel is the defender of the element of water and protector of the West, Gabriel guides humanity to experience feelings of empathy and to develop spiritual understanding. Gabriel oversees and protects parents and children, and assists with pregnancy and birth. Archangel Gabriel is the patron all those whose life calling involves communications and networking, i.e. postal workers and the clergy, counselors, therapists, teachers, reporters and writers. The color associated with Gabriel is white.

The Miracle

This shift in your 'Inner' attitude away from looking at things from fear, judgment and resistance to acceptance starts a process of reorganization and rebalancing of your entire “nervous” system. This re-balancing of your nervous system naturally gives rise to a relaxed state of awareness and well-being.

This change in your nervous system supports a shift in your perception about the world and helps to open you up to seeing the world differently

Your nervous system is the physical counterpart of your mind, and so once your nervous system begins to reorganize to a more balanced state, your mind will naturally begin to calm down and life will flow more harmoniously.

Relax and let go, and the rest will come naturally.

Can You Answer These Questions Honestly?

Do you have a favorite way of playing hide and seek with yourself? In other words, hiding the truth from yourself. Pretending you don’t know what you know.

Do you make excuses? The more excuses you make, the more you play games with yourself.

Are you playing “at” life, or are you showing up fully and playing the Star role in your life?

KG'S NOTE: You can use this series of articles as a course of lessons to help you shift and elevate your vibration to attract better outcomes for yourself. This series is based upon the principles of both, A Course in Miracles and Attitudinal Healing. Through the series you will have an opportunity to experiment and do your own self discovery work. You can allow yourself to be empowered to use time to train your mind to focus on love instead of fear. I invite you to experiment with these lessons to become aware of your ability to choose what you want to experience in life.

Tips for how to get the most benefit from these lessons:

At the beginning of your day while in a relaxed state of mind focus on the current day's lesson. For instance this week's lesson is, “I Choose to Keep an Open Mind I am a Love Finder.” Most of these lessons will be published bi-weekly, so you can focus on each lesson for two weeks duration. Remind yourself about the day's lesson frequently throughout your day. You can write the lesson on post-it notes and place them around your house as a reminder. Notice when opportunities arise to put the lesson into practice. Take note of your response. Ask yourself if you want to experience peace of mind, or experience conflict? On going to bed before falling asleep remind yourself about the day's lesson. How did you choose to respond to life events and what did you learn.

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