Feeling Overwhelmed - How to Turn It Around, Part 2

mandarinThis is a series of articles about the holistic health techniques I've used, including pure essential oils, to effectively bring balance and calm when you suffer from symptoms of overwhelm.

Red Mandarin (Citrus delicosa) pure essential oil has the most grounding (base) note of all the citrus oils in aromatherapy. The pure oil is distilled by cold pressing of the peel.

Citrus oils have a relatively short shelf life, usually 3-6 months though stored properly sealed and under refrigeration may last up to 1 year before it loses its vapors lose their effectiveness to produce the desired therapeutic results.

Red Mandarin's chemical class and chemical action are as follows is Aldehyde (Cleaner), Lactone (Spiritual Director) and Monoterpene (Athlete). My own reference to the chemical action for each essential oil is its archetypal power noted in parenthesis.

Its chemical classifications as an Aldehyde and Monoterpene make Red Mandarin an effective bactericidal and antiseptic agent.

The Lactone chemical properties in Red Mandarin act as a mild sedative and tranquilizer.

Known to moderate the sympathetic nervous system Red Mandarin diminishes sensitivity, is a relaxant and hypnotic encouraging peaceful states for the mind and emotions.

Red Mandarin's regulating action balances extreme emotional and mental states.

A respiratory aid use to relieve difficulty in breathing. It also increases lymphatic circulation and promotes detoxification.

Used in numerous hospitals and medical centers in the US as a calming agent and to promote restful sleep Red Mandarin is very gentle.

Red Mandarin is said to activate the Christ child energy within you. It is a favorite of children and safe and effective to use with the elderly and young children.

Its character is unifying to both yin and yang states.

In perfumery Red Mandarin is used as a top to middle note.

Its color frequency range is red to deep orange.

Useful for clearing and balancing the 2nd (Sexual/Sacral) Chakra Red Mandarin helps relieve your struggles in relationships of all kinds (people, finances, food, etc.) that result in co-dependence, addictions, etc. The 2nd chakra is related to standing your ground and expressing you authentic power.

Astrologically Red Mandarin resonates with the Moon (Cancer), Pluto (Scorpio), Neptune (Pisces) and secondarily with Venus (Libra) and Mercury (Gemini).

HOLISTIC THERAPY - Mind Body Prescription


Recommendation for use when feeling overwhelmed.

Dispense 1-3 drops of Red Mandarin pure essential on a cotton ball and inhale their vapors slowly introducing them into your system. You might also put on some relaxing music and recline in a comfortable chair in loose comfortable clothing that allows you to let go and relax quietly. After a 1-5 minutes of inhaling the vapors your feeling of overwhelm should have dissipated.

Continue breathing your Red Mandarin pure essential oil throughout this entire exercise.

Now in a relaxed and care free manner take a clean sheet of paper and write a list of your priorities. Don't think just write. Take no more than 1-5 minutes tops to write your list.

Now review your list. Mark off half of what you have written down.

Now beside each of your priorities write how this item on your list makes you feel and how you will feel once accomplished.

Once again mark off half of your list. Let go of anything you do not want to do.

Now prioritize your list in order of what's of most value to you. Do the two top priorities on your list and let the rest go for today.

After completing your top two priorities on your list allow yourself to enjoy the satisfaction of completing your tasks. Tomorrow plan to do the next two top two priorities on your list.

This exercise will help you learn how to set priorities for accomplishing what you value most and gives you a sense of fulfillment. You'll also learn how to let go of what's unimportant to you that gives you no real pleasure.

Your affirmation: "My purpose is to enjoy life."


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