Feeling Overwhelmed - How to Turn It Around, Conclusion

Learn about German Chamomile's renowned 3,000 year history as a natural pain reliever and the only oil I recommed for soothing Mother's and Newborn Babies.

Experience a life visioning meditation assisted by Archangel Michael who is here to help you become free of fear and create the life you desire for yourself.

German Chamomile - two species, Matricaria chamomilla & Matricaria recutita, steam distilled from the flowers. The best distillations are from England and Bulgaria.

German Chamomile has been a respected oil in use for over 3,000 years. Its aroma is pleasing, light, sweet and slightly herbal similar to chamomile tea.

It's comprised primarily of the chemical class sesquiterpenes: chamazulene. High azulene content gives German Chamomile its deep vibrant shade of blue. It can stain so care when dispensing.

Sesquiterpene properties give German Chamomile its renowned anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action.

Secondarily German chamomile is a member of the oxide family which acts as The Liberator to free you of habit patterns and promotes peace.

German Chamomile is the most gentle and safe oil in aromatherapy. Its action is delightfully soothing.

Because German Chamomile is so gentle and safe it is the only pure essential oil I recommend for mothers and newborn babies.

A traditional remedy for fussy babies German Chamomile may be used in a dilution of less than 1% to treat diaper rash.

German Chamomile oil is my First Choice for treating inflamed, irritated skin conditions. It has a long history of helping skin conditions, such as dermatitis, boils, acne, skin rash, eczema and psoriasis.

German Chamomile may be useful for treating shingles!

German Chamomile's Properties, Actions & Effects:

• Analgesic - pain reliever
• Antiphlogistic - checks & counteracts inflammation.
• Antispasmodic – calms muscular spasm
• Anti-inflammatory - alleviates inflammation
• Bactericidal - an agent that destoys bacteria
• Carminative - relieves intestinal gas
• Cholagogue - stimulates secretion of and flow bile.
• Cicatrizant - wound healing agent, aids formation scar tissue
• Decongestant - reduces congestion
• Digestive - promotes digestion
• Emmenagogue - induces or assists menstruation
• Febrifuge - combats fever
• Hepatic - tones, aids liver function
• Nerve Sedative – tranquilizing effect nerves
• Stomachic - relieves intestinal gas
• Tonic – strengthens the body
• Vermifuge - expels intestinal worms
• Vulnerary - heals wounds & sores

Yin character makes German Chamomile excellent for balancing yang conditions and cooling excess heat.

In perfumery German Chamomile's soft mild scent is most often used as a middle note.

Its color frequency is deep blue.

Chakra Healing & Balancing – German Chamomile's elements are ether and water. It has a natural affinity with the fifth (throat) chakra.

Astrologically German Chamomile has an especial affinity with Venus (Libra), the Moon (Cancer) Mercury (Gemini) and Chiron (Virgo).

archangel-michael-1414.jpg-public-domainLIFE VISIONING MEDITATION with Archangel Michael

Call upon Archangel Michael to over light and guide your meditation. You are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Archangel Michael's name means "He who is like God". Michael is here to help you become free of fear. Call upon Michael whenever you need help fulfilling your life purpose. Archangel Michael helps you have the courage to make necessary changes for the fulfillment of your life purposes - that which fulfills you and brings you joy and happiness.

Dear Archangel Michael I call upon you now to assist me in seeing a clear vision of me living my most satisfying life.

Focus your awareness at the area of your throat chakra located at the center of you throat.

Breathe in fully and allow yourself to relax and feel nourished at the deepest level of your being.

Allow yourself to day dream about the life you desire to live. Where do you live? Who are your companions? What are you doing? How are you dressed? Allow images to naturally surface.

Continue breathing as you relax more deeply and dream about the life you desire for 1-5 minutes or as long as feels right for you.

The key to fully enjoying and experiencing your best life is to breathe and relax as you do this meditation. Archangel Michael will assist you in imagining your desires for yourself.

If you received direct guidance for an action to take during your meditation then take action immediately after your meditation. This sends an important message to your subconscious mind and aligns and harmonizes your inner being.

You might like to do this meditation with Archangel Michael daily for a few minutes to support your intention to create the life you desire to live. Your consistent meditations (even for brief moments) will strengthen your ability to relax and access your highest Divine guidance for protection and insider information for where to be and what to do at all times.

This is the final blog in this series of eight integrated health articles. I hope you've discovered some valuable ways that work for you to transform your feelings of being overwhelmed into feelings of balance and calm.

Please share your experience when practicing today's meditation with Archangel Michael. 

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