Your Emotions and Leaky Gut - Soothing EOs to Use

Over my years of clinical practice I’ve worked with numerous clients with acute to chronic digestive system complaints.

From Crohn’s Disease to symptoms of leaky gut I’ve noticed common factors among each. All those who suffer with digestive and intestinal complaints are emotionally stressed.

If you think about it we often associate our emotions with our gut. Such aphorisms as, 'trust your gut,' or I got a, 'sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach' are common everyday expressions.

For many people emotions like anger, anxiety, sadness or even happiness can trigger symptoms in the gut. Repressed and unexpressed emotions can linger in your gut.

Your brain and the gastrointestinal system are intimately wired together. Unsettled emotions can send alert signals to your gut. Your digestive distress can be the cause or the by product of your emotions.

When healing a distressed gut consider the role emotions may be playing in your symptoms.

Studies show that stressed emotions can affect bowel movements, intestinal contractions, increased inflammation and susceptibility to infection.

Research also shows that when you learn to reduce your stress levels and constructively deal with your emotions your intestinal health improves.

In fact 13 studies showed that patients who improved their psychological state had a much greater improvement in their digestive symptoms than those who only received conventional medical treatment.

Is emotional stress contributing to your digestive issues?

There are a number of essential oils to use for relieving stressed emotions, but my all time favorite is Bergamot.

BERGAMOT (Citrus bergamia) - The scent is fresh, sweet, fruity, citrus, spicy and floral.

Archetype: The Protectors & Nurturers

  • Promotes anxiety relief
  • Calming and balancing effect
  • Regulates unstable emotions
  • Good for emotional turbulence
  • Brightens and cheers
  • Helps regulate mood
  • Balances psycho-emotional states

Paolo Rovesti, a professor at the University of Milan, Italy conducted research at several psychiatric clinics with essential oils showing their benefits for depression, anxiety and hysteria. 

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