Virgo Full Moon Astrology

Virgo Full Moon
February 24, 2024

What’s It All About?

It’s time to celebrate all things related to Virgo. Virgo’s natural placement on the zodiac wheel is the 6th house which is ruled by Mercury (the conscious mind, how we connect and communicate). Many modern-day astrologers also ascribe the healing influence of Virgo to Chiron, the wounded healer.

The Virgo Full Moon marks the first stage of completion for your intentions set at the Aquarius New Moon two weeks ago. As the wheel turns over the next six months (or even longer) look for more details being revealed about how to manifest any larger, loftier goals you may have set at the Aquarius New Moon.

So, what is Virgo and the 6th house all about? Virgo is the Virgin of the zodiac. Simply meaning, Virgo is able to stand alone and work alone and is unto herself, not needing to be wed to another for sustenance, safety and support. In other words, your thoughts are your own, no one else can see inside of you, the details that make up your life. Only the very broad-brush strokes are visible on the outside for anyone else to see. Virgo rules the domain of your daily life, your routines and habits. Your inner state of cleanliness (peace of mind) is only truly known in detail by you. Perfection is a driving force for those with strong Virgo influence. Judgment of themselves and others can be very pronounced for Virgos.

Since Virgo is ruled by Mercury the conscious mind plays a big role in the life of Virgo. Your daily work at the office and in the world falls into this sphere of influence. As does the proper health care of your body, mind, spirit and emotions. Health maintenance in general is overseen by Virgo and the 6th house, i.e. your clothes, exercise routines, responsibility for organizing and managing the details of your daily life. This includes caring for your pets (if you have them).

All these matters come into focus now for completion and celebration. As examples, it may be time to let go of some old outworn habits of body, or mind, or perhaps welcome the addition of a new pet into your home.

What’s Up in Your Chart?
Tips for How the Virgo Full Moon Can Affect You Personally.

Everyone has the discerning and healing influence of Virgo in one, or more areas of their chart. Here are a few areas of your chart to look for:

  • Where is Virgo located in your astrology chart. This where you will feel the greatest effect of the Full Moon influence.
  • Look to your 6th house (the house Virgo rules) - what personal planets are located here?
  • What house(s) are Mercury and Chiron located in your personal astrology chart?
  • As Mercury is currently in Aquarius, all themes related to Aquarius and the 11th house (which Aquarius rules), are especially highlighted.
  • What house is Mercury in your natal chart?
  • The moon moves quickly through each sign and house, so whatever happens though it may leave a lasting impact upon your psyche the emotions will be transient. Best to let your emotions settle before taking action that may have long standing results.

Check out Meaning of the 12 Houses of the Zodiac to find out more about how the Virgo Full Moon may influence you personally.

Virgo Full Moon Astrology

  • 5° 22’ Virgo Full Moon
    February 24, 4:30am PT

Moon (Virgo) Opposes Sun (Pisces) Conjunct Mercury Conjunct Saturn (Pisces)
Moon (Virgo) Trine Jupiter (Taurus)
Venus (Aquarius) Conjunct Mars Square Jupiter (Taurus)
Sun (Pisces) Conjunct Mercury Conjunct Saturn Sextile Jupiter (Taurus)

What Does It Mean?

You may be deeply affected by this Virgo Full Moon Trine to Jupiter. The potential for manifesting your dreams and ideals are supported by the Sun’s conjunction to Mercury and Saturn in Pisces Sextile to Jupiter. Venus Conjunction to Mars Square to Jupiter ensures that you will be working overtime to achieve the promise(s) available at this Full Moon. It’s a magical mix of celestial energies joined together at the Virgo Full Moon. They’re concocting a mystical brew that can transform your life.

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