Taurus New Moon Astrology

Taurus New Moon
May 8, 2024

What’s It All About?

Taurus' natural placement in the zodiac is the 2nd house of self-worth, personal health/well-being, material resources, assets and finances. The ruler of the 2nd house is Venus (the planet of love and pleasure). Resources, issues of self- worth, material possessions and basic physical and emotional sustenance are all matters connected to your 2nd house.

During this time, you may initiate new projects, or financial goals. Perhaps, you’ll make plans to save for your retirement. You may take concrete actions to improve your material circumstances in some way. Money, your earning capacity and material circumstances, can be top of mind now.

What you value can undergo major shifts and fresh new starts. How to grow your own personal assets can also get underway at the Taurus New Moon. Gratitude and appreciation might be two values you’ll want to include.

Taurus New Moon

You might say Taurus is the sign of Mother Nature. Earth Day, now an international celebration, supports environmental awareness and protection of our planet. Earth Day starts at the beginning of the Sun’s entry into the sign of Taurus on April 22nd. Taurus’ symbol is the bull, its associated color is green. It is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money.

The bull is known for its strength, perseverance and power.

What’s Up in Your Chart?
Tips for How the Taurus New Moon Can Affect You Personally.

Everyone has the Taurus New Moon influence in one, or more areas of their chart. Here are a few areas of your chart to look for:

  • What house in your chart is the sign of Taurus located? This is the area of your life that will experience the most influence/effect at the Taurus new Moon.
  • Look to your 2nd house (personal material resources, ruled by Venus) and 7th house (also ruled by Venus, governs relationships, agreements and contracts). What planets are located in these two houses in your birth chart, or by transit?
  • What house is your Venus located in your natal astrology chart?
  • As Venus is currently transiting the sign of Taurus the energies of the Taurus New Moon are greatly amplified and take on even more importance.
  • What house is Venus currently transiting in your own chart?

Your emotions can feel quite unsettled during this time. The moon moves quickly through each sign and house, so whatever happens though it may leave a lasting impact upon your psyche the emotions will be transient. Best to let your emotions settle before taking action that may have long standing results.

Check out Meaning of the 12 Houses of the Zodiac to find out more about how the Taurus New Moon may influence you personally.

Taurus New Moon Astrology

  • 18° 01’ Taurus New Moon
    Tuesday, May 8, 7:21p
    m PT

Moon (Taurus) Conjunct Sun, Uranus and Jupiter Sextile Saturn (Pisces)

What Does It Mean?

The Taurus New Moon offers you a tremendous opportunity to focus your attention on setting a new goal you’d like to manifest. The earth sign Taurus, ruled by Venus the planet of love and pleasure, conjunct Uranus (the planet of freedom) conjunct Jupiter (the planet that expands whatever it touches) is sextile to Saturn (long term results). This kind of lucky combination bestows the kind of magic you need for finally breaking free and manifesting 3D results that will live on well into the future. You can start a dream project now and if you’re willing to put in the effort and discipline required it will bring you long term pleasure.

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