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New Beginning for Humanity Healing Pisces New Moon Astrology & Meditation +EO Recipe

The Pisces New Moon signals a collective new beginning for humanity. The sign Pisces is the most encompassing sign of the zodiac. Its ruler is the planet Neptune representing the fathomless, fluid and watery depths of the unconscious mind. Pisces is a very yin, feminine, open and receptive sign. Anything goes with Pisces. There are no boundaries for Pisces. The ultimate zodiac sign of inclusivity. Pisces rules the 12th house of the zodiac, a house of great spiritual/transpersonal and Divine mystery. The most mystical house of the zodiac, Pisces culminates the zodiacal wheel. The 12th house rules the collective and inherited karmas of humanity since before time. Now this area of collective humanity gets a major reset opportunity. Ultimately, for...

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