Sagittarius Full Moon Astrology

Sagittarius Full Moon

May 23, 2024

What’s It All About?

Sagittarius is ruled by the most giant planet of our solar system. Its size is only second to the sun. Every planet in our solar system can easily fit into Jupiter’s massive expanse. The natural placement for Sagittarius on the zodiac wheel is the 9th house. Until Neptune was discovered in 1846, Jupiter was the considered the ruler of Pisces.

The 9th house pertains to matters related to the higher mind, the law, rules and regulations, higher education and teaching, publishing, social conscience/awareness, wisdom, the higher intuition, inspiration, philosophy and religion. The 9th house also relates to long distance travel, foreign affairs and exploration of that which is unknown. One, or more of these themes may be highlighted for you now.

Now is the time to embrace the collective mind that joins all of humanity. There could be some injustice involving the Law/rules and regulations that gets exposed during this time. Expansion of social awareness, teaching, publishing, social conscience, developing your wisdom and higher intuition are all highlighted. This can be a time when you feel inspired to take more of an activist role that helps evolve your understanding about the role of education, philosophy and religion.

You’ve reached another milestone for celebrating your wins and cutting your losses. Full Moons bring a time of illumination for what works and what doesn’t. Now you can gain clarity about what to move forward with enthusiastically and what to leave behind.

Full Moons complete a cycle of time and help mark the passage of your life. The Moon’s light connects us with the natural world and its rhythm over a 28-day period which helps give color, meaning and purpose to our lives. Most importantly the Moon connects you to your own emotional needs and if they’re being met. The Sagittarius Full Moon gives you an opportunity to re-evaluate and make needed adjustments.


Jupiter is one of the social planets. As such it (along with Saturn) plays a crucial and deciding role about how society at large evolves. Whether we move forward in our evolution as a species, or remain stagnant in one, or more areas of our life, is prompted by Jupiter (and Saturn), but it is the development of our free will that determines how things evolve whether in a balanced, or imbalanced way.

For example, the industrial revolution at the turn of the 20th Century saw tremendous material growth and expansion, but little growth in our capacity for making humane and ethical choices that help keep our ecosystems on earth in balance.

The house where Jupiter is located in the zodiac is where a tremendous amount of change and improvement can happen for the betterment of society in general, but especially for higher mind and educational endeavors. Now, at the Sagittarius Full Moon we have a glimpse of our progress in these areas and how we’re doing to right imbalances and grow in making more ethical and humane choices.

In 2024 (and especially at the Sagittarius Full Moon) we may see even more concrete results of Jupiter’s Sextile with Saturn (the other social planet) that occurred in 2023 on June 19th and 20th (exact). Jupiter’s Sextile to Saturn activates additional opportunities for society at large to evolve its social awareness, contracts and commitments. This sextile was active through June 2023, then again at the end of 2023 though no exact sextile was formed.

Think back to that time. Was there anything significant that happened for you then? What was happening on the world stage?

After his sextile to Saturn, Jupiter began tracking Uranus (the planet of revolutionary change). This was our next BIG opportunity for making an evolutionary leap and to build on what was seeded with Jupiter’s Sextile to Saturn.

Jupiter and Uranus conjunct about every 14 years to bring sudden advancements. Jupiter and Uranus will conjunct this year at 22° Taurus on April 20, 2024. This is a one-off conjunction and will not repeat, so let’s hope you/we make the most of it.

Sagittarius Full Moon

A whole new world can be opening up for Sagittarius natives. Expansive and ebullient energies are at work on both personal and global levels.

The Sagittarius Full Moon brings a huge wave of expansive growth to all things related to Sagittarian themes. Since Jupiter just entered the sign of Taurus, the focus of this expansion will be related to 2nd house matters.

Optimism is a hallmark of Jupiter’s expansive energy. There is nothing that can block Jupiter’s positive picture of the world.

A certain mania can result from Jupiter’s sometimes over the top enthusiasm. The grounded influence of Saturn can be missing. However, since Jupiter is still within orb of a Sextile to Saturn in Pisces the opportunities available can have far reaching and long-lasting results.

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn will station Retrograde on June 29th perhaps offering a return of an opportunity.

As you can tell Jupiter and Saturn (the builders of society at large) are polar opposites. The two of them together bring about change in the social sphere. These two energies must be balanced for them to work together productively. Given their location in the zodiac and their harmonious sextile alignment (by element) from mid-May of last year until the end of May this year much good can have resulted in the social sphere from these two planets meeting.

As always, how these planets meeting affects you personally will depend upon what kind of contacts they are making with your own personal planets in your astrology chart.

What’s Up in Your Chart?
Tips for How the Sagittarius Full Moon Can Affect You Personally.

Everyone has the Sagittarius Full Moon influence in one, or more areas of their chart. Here are a few areas of your chart where you can experience the Sagittarius Full Moon influence:

  • What house is Sagittarius located in your astrology chart? This is where you will experience the most influence/effect at the Sagittarius Full Moon.
  • Jupiter is the modern ruler of Sagittarius whose natural placement in the zodiac is the 9th house which represents higher education, foreign travel, beliefs, religion, ideology and the higher mind. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces (modern ruler is Neptune which governs the 12th house of the unconscious mind).
  • What personal planets are located in your 9th and 12th houses? Do you have any easy flowing, or hard aspects to these houses from one or more of your personal planets?
  • What house is Jupiter located in your natal astrology chart? Are there harmonious, or stressful contacts between your Jupiter and your 9th (or 12th) house?
  • As Jupiter has just stationed in Gemini ruled by Mercury, all themes related to Mercury (conscious mind, communications and how you connect, i.e. trains, planes, buses, computers, internet), along with the usual Jupiterian themes will be emphasized.
  • Saturn's Stationary Retrograde at 19° Pisces on June 29th may help to jumpstart things for social reforms, perhaps returning a missed opportunity. It’s time to review society’s foundations, rule of law, regulations, status quo, corporate and governmental structures, etc.
Your emotions can feel quite unsettled during this time. The moon moves quickly through each sign and house, so whatever happens though it may leave a lasting impact upon your psyche the emotions will be transient. Best to let your emotions settle before taking action that may have long standing results.

Check out Meaning of the 12 Houses of the Zodiac to find out more about how the Sagittarius Full Moon may influence you personally.

Deeper Insight

The interconnectivity of society and our global networks for creating structures that support our local economies are under review for change at this time. We are all becoming ever more aware of our interconnections and how we affect and influence one another.  More acknowledgement of the complexity of forces at work is growing every day. The need for cooperation to achieve the betterment of all individuals, as well as society and the world at large, can begin to be more fully realized.

Sagittarius is ruled by the jovial and expansive planet, Jupiter. Whatever Jupiter touches is said to have the Midas touch and will bring abundance. Jupiter’s touch does expand and can bring excessive and over the top experiences. The word reckless comes to mind, so watch for over doing it, don’t push the envelope.

Jupiter is a massive planet and rules the 9th house representing higher education, philosophy/ideologies and world travel. So, these areas of your life, and on the world stage at large, will get a tremendous boost at this time.

Watch for significant signs that even more of what isn’t going to move us forward to our planetary destiny will need to be eliminated. As well, there will be indications for what the collective wishes of humanity are for pursuing what will help us fulfill our planetary destiny.

Much of the change is stimulated through transformative types of endings that lead to these changes worldwide. For instance, we’re seeing more significant developments that show society at large is ready to make progress in transitioning to renewable sources for our energy.

The impulse of our collective humanity is always what prevails and, though we witness seeming setbacks on the wheel of evolutionary progress for humankind, the impulse is always forward.

Both development of your character and insights into the workings of life can be revealed by this Sagittarius Full Moon.

Take note of all what is falling away/ending. Pay attention to events occurring now to get a preliminary view/glimpse into the changes that will occur in society over the next 10 to 20 years.

Jupiter is one of the two planets of social change (the other being Saturn). These two planets work in concert to bring about social reform and progress. Much will transpire over the next two weeks and into the next six months to initiate this transformative change, so stay alert.

Sagittarius Full Moon Astrology

  • 2° 54’ Sagittarius Full Moon
    Thursday, May 23, 5:52aa
    m PT

Moon (Sagittarius) Sextile Pluto Rx (Aquarius)
Moon (Sagittarius) Opposes Sun (Gemini) Trine Pluto Rx (Aquarius)
Venus Conjunct Jupiter Sextile Neptune (Pisces)
Sun (Gemini) Trine Pluto Rx (Aquarius)
Sun (Gemini) Conjunct Venus (exact June 4th)
Venus (Gemini) Trine Pluto Rx (Aquarius)

Opportunities for travel, adventure, higher education, evolution of your consciousness are all on offering. There’s an ease about the Sagittarius Full Moon, along with an incredible depth of emotion. The Sun and Moon offer you a deeper look that may reveal something that’s been hidden, a secret love? A feeling of passion, love and attraction can hold you spell bound. This is quite a heady mix of celestial energies for romance, love, adventure, fantasies and dreams all mixed up together.

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