Leo Full Moon Astrology

Leo Full Moon
January 25, 2024

What’s It All About?

We celebrate our first Full Moon of 2024 in the sign of Leo. Full Moons are times of completion and are cycles of time that last from two weeks to six months, and sometimes longer depending upon the planets involved. When the transpersonal outer planets (Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and the social planets (Jupiter and Saturn) are involved the cycles usually complete over longer periods of time, or even eras of time. While the personal planets can see results in shorter spans of time from two weeks to six months.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and its natural placement in the zodiac is the 5th house of creative self-expression. The Sun shines its radiant light to bring warmth and life to whatever it touches. Its brilliance can eradicate the darkest of shadows. The Sun is the universal symbol for Consciousness and the power of awareness to overcome ignorance.

Like the Sun, Leo has tremendous power to co-create. All things related to shining your brilliance on the world stage (large, or small) are highlighted. Your popularity can get a boost at this time. Sports and athletics, exercise, dance and all forms of creativity are favored now. Romance and children are likely to be more on your mind. You may be more willing to gamble and take risks when Leo shines his light by the light of the Full Moon.

What’s Up in Your Chart?
Tips for How the Leo Full Moon Can Affect You Personally.

Everyone has the Leo Full Moon influence in one, or more areas of their chart. Here are a few areas of your chart where you can experience the Leo Full Moon influence:

  • Where (what house) is the Leo Full Moon located in your astrology chart? This is the area of your life being most affected at this time.
  • What personal planets are located in your 5th house? Do you have any easy flowing, or hard aspects to this house from one or more of your personal planets? The easy flowing aspects offer support and protection to your feeling of esteem and recognition in the world. While harsh aspects will augment the challenges presented at this time.
  • What house is your natal Sun located in your personal astrology chart? If you have harmonious contacts from your personal planets to your Sun then you will feel more supported at this time. You may want to lean into the energy symbolized by these harmonious aspects to your natal Sun for support.
  • If there are stressful contacts to your natal Sun you’ll want to take note of this. Challenging aspects give you an opportunity for growth.
  • If you can remember that when under any stress you experience at the Leo Full Moon it’s best to be contemplative and reflect about whatever is happening rather than be reactive to whatever surfaces. Let yourself be guided to the best course of action.
  • The moon moves quickly through each sign and house, so whatever happens though it may leave a lasting impact upon your psyche the emotions will be transient. Best to let your emotions settle before taking action that may have long standing results.

Check out Meaning of the 12 Houses of the Zodiac to find out more about how the Leo Full Moon may influence you personally.

Leo Full Moon Astrology

  • 5° 14’ Leo Full Moon
    Wednesday, January 25,
    2024 9:53am PT

Moon (Leo) Opposes Sun Conjunct Pluto (Aquarius)
Moon (Leo) Opposes Sun T-Square Jupiter (Taurus)
Mercury (Capricorn) Conjunct Mars Square Chiron (Aries)
Venus (Capricorn) Sextile Saturn (Pisces)
Mercury (Capricorn) Trine Uranus Rx (Taurus)
Venus (Capricorn) Trine Jupiter (Taurus)
Uranus Stationary Direct (exact January 27, 2024)

What Does It Mean?

Full Moons always bring illumination and are revelatory moments in time. They also bring fulfillment, conclusion and release of what’s not working. There’s a fixed T-Square between the Moon (Leo), Sun Conjunct Pluto (Aquarius) and Jupiter (Taurus). Additionally, Mercury and Mars are Conjunct (Capricorn) and Square Chiron (Aries). A great deal of tension is being released at this Leo Full Moon. The energies are very personal and deep seated, below normal awareness. Your deepest fears may be triggered regarding your emotional needs, sense of self and ego identity, as well as your attitudes, beliefs and desires for success in life. An extreme tug of war can result building to a crescendo for resolution. Venus Sextile to Saturn and Trine to Jupiter can help you stay grounded and make the most of opportunities that surface. Also, Mercury (your mind) Trine to Uranus can give you lightning speed, brilliant solutions. Staying relaxed and acting with emotional maturity will see you through any quandaries. This can be a great time for transformation and healing.

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