The Healthy Gut Journey NAHA Interview with KG Stiles

This week I have something special for you, a YouTube Interview I did for the National Association of Holistic Healing (NAHA).

On the show I discuss things I've never spoken about before.

I reveal my early childhood influences and how I developed an interest in aromatherapy and transformational healing, among many other things.

Also, on the show I offer a special discount coupon code NAHALOVE you can use to get 20% OFF any of my courses, or classes. Offer expires August 31, 2019 at 11:59pm PT.

Teaser for the show:

In the episode we interview award-winning author, clinical aromatherapist, and NAHA Regional Director, KG Stiles, on her latest research for her upcoming book on the topic of a 7-day Healthy Gut and Autoimmune Detox Program. KG gives us insight into the gut-brain connection and how this could play a role in how our body helps us fight illness. Join us for this episode and receive a special offer code to take a course with KG.

Here are time stamps for discussions on different topics: 

Show Intro 

2:00 - How long have you been in aromatherapy and what originally got you started in this line of research and study?  

7:18 - What gave you the idea/inspiration to look into and research the topic for your newest book about a healthy gut and the 7-day detox and autoimmune program. 

10:25 - Bodymind connection with getting sick and role beliefs play in manifesting things into our experience.

11:19 - Traditional medicine conducting systemic reviews findings on Rosemary. Botanically based medicines becoming focus for development of pharmaceuticals. Great urgency due to extinction concerns.

12:50 - Anthropocene age, current geological age we've entered and what that means.

13:18 - Developing botanical gardens for conducting scientific research.

13:42 - Essential oils synergistic effect when taken with pharmaceuticals.

14:14 - What you discovered with the gut-brain connection? Why can you fix a lot of underlying issues with a healthier gut? Common diseases associated with leaky gut. Inflammation is the underlying symptom associated with all diseases.

17:49 - Studies show essential oils effective as anti-inflammatory agents. As an anti-microbial agent research shows oregano is helpful for dysbioosis (impaired microbiota) and balancing gut microbiota.

19:23 - Myths about health and weight, aging, disease and death.

23:50 - Why exercise is so important.

24:45 - My experience and thoughts about doing a ketogenic diet. How I used my intuition to heal my histamine intolerance when nothing else worked. How histamine intolerance was the result of a leaky gut and gut inflammation and the part mercury toxicity played.

28:09 - Discovered intermittent fasting after a trip to the hospital emergency room for an electrolyte imbalance when on a ketogenic diet. Fasting is even better than a keto diet for raising ketones promoting gut healing. KG talks about autophagy.

29:45 - What is a keto diet? 

31:43 - What ways do you use aromatherapy in diet and weight loss?

33:43 - How are the gut and autoimmune system related?

36:37 - Closing comments. Any other things covered by your newest book?

38:14 - Do you offer courses and classes? How can people find you?

KG Stiles' Courses and Classes:

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