I am the Creator of All I See. I Am Not a Victim. Angel to Assist You & EO to Use

I see the world as I am, not as it is.

The world is a reflection of how I see things and thus a reflection of my own mind.

The world mirrors back to me what is going on inside of me. My thoughts, my worries and concerns are all reflected back to me.

When I love myself, I see things differently than when I am upset and angry about how I am experiencing my life in this moment.

Deep Dive into Loving Yourself

Whenever you fall into negative thoughts about the world take a moment to stop and choose to disrupt those thoughts. Affirm that you are choosing to see things in a positive way that is loving and supportive.

Ask yourself, “Can I see this in a way that is loving and supportive?” Then frame whatever is happening as supporting and loving you.

Taking a moment to see things differently allows you to stop telling yourself life is against you, or things never work out the way you want, or whatever story you may tell yourself when things don’t go your way.

How to Stop Struggling - Accepting Life as it is

Beginning to accept life as it is, rather than how you want it to be, immediately takes you out of struggle mode.

You will never win in a tug of war struggle with life events. Life is not here to meet your expectations. Once you realize this you will let yourself off the vicious cycle of disappointment and victimization.

Once you accept life as it is, on its own terms, everything will begin to flow better for you and life will start showing up for you because you are showing up for yourself.

In other words, when you start being your own friend and always supporting and loving yourself, no matter what happens, life will be able to mirror the same for you. Until then, your message to life is more akin to asking it to sending you things for you to struggle with and have grievances and disappointments about.

Experiment and See for Yourself

See things in a way that life has been unfair and you’re angry about it. What is your experience when in this mental frame?

Then, take just a moment to frame things as working for you, not against you. What is your experience when in this mental frame?

The more you practice being in a positive frame of mind about whatever is happening the more happiness you will experience.

You will also discover that the possibilities for what you can experience in your life will dramatically open up for you.

Let Go of Prejudice (Pre-judgment)

Yes, stop being a ‘know-it-all.’ You limit what can happen in your life by the prejudices (pre-judgments) about people and situations you meet in life. Give life a chance to embrace and support you to enjoy wonderful life experiences.

Look instead for the love available at every moment in life. Be kind and experience kindness. Be angry and experience anger. The choice is yours.

You can choose to see yourself as the Creator of your life and experience the life you’ve always wanted given to you in exactly the way life unfolds for you, naturally.

Psycho-emotional Healing Oil

Use oils that stimulate circulation and have a warming effect on the mind and emotions. Oils with immune-stimulant and anti-inflammatory properties are all good. Use oils that soothe your mind and emotions while also stimulating your sense of enthusiasm for life.

Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum)

Psycho-emotionally, helichrysum can be useful for relieving all types of physical, mental and emotional stresses. It has a reputation as one of the most powerful healing oils in aromatherapy. Helichrysum is often recommended for overcoming emotional and mental traumas such PTSD.

Aromas: Sweet, balsamic, warm, radiant, fresh, floral and slightly herbaceous

Archangel to Assist You

Raphael’s name means, “God Heals.” Raphael is Defender of the East and represents the air element in nature. S/he helps with physical healing, as well as helps you to heal your mind, mental thoughts, body and soul life energy field. Raphael can help your mind to heal and help you be more flexible in your attitudes and perspectives. Archangel Raphael has a reputation for helping with issues related to overcoming and healing away addictions. Raphael is the patron angel of those in the healing professions and the field of medicine. The color associated with Raphael is emerald green.

KG'S NOTE: You can use this series of articles as a course of lessons to help you shift and elevate your vibration to attract better outcomes for yourself. This series is based upon the principles of both, A Course in Miracles and Attitudinal Healing. Through the series you will have an opportunity to experiment and do your own self discovery work. You can allow yourself to be empowered to use time to train your mind to focus on love instead of fear. I invite you to experiment with these lessons to become aware of your ability to choose what you want to experience in life.

Tips for how to get the most benefit from these lessons:

At the beginning of your day while in a relaxed state of mind focus on the current day's lesson. For instance this week's lesson is, “I am the Creator of All I See. I am not a Victim.” These lessons will be published bi-weekly, so you can focus on each lesson for two weeks duration. Remind yourself about the day's lesson frequently throughout your day. You can write the lesson on post-it notes and place them around your house as a reminder. Notice when opportunities arise to put the lesson into practice. Take note of your response. Ask yourself if you want to experience peace of mind, or experience conflict? On going to bed before falling asleep remind yourself about the day's lesson. How did you choose to respond to life events and what did you learn.

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