How to Thrive After a Cancer Diagnosis -- By KG Stiles

My conversation with Richard Rowland, author of, Unspoken Messages: Spiritual Lessons I learned from Horses and other Earthbound Souls.

Richard was given a death sentence by a doctor, who happened to be a friend of his. That day Richard walked away from western medicine.  

Anger fueled his break from the hypnosis of the diagnosis he’d received.

He followed his intuition and started a severe detox program. Various alternative methods, including essential oils, have played a role in Richard’s detox and complete return to the full quality of life he now enjoys - 8 years after that initial diagnosis.

When my friend Eldon Taylor asked me to talk with cancer survivor, Richard D. Rowland, I couldn’t say no. 

I’m honored to be able to share something of Richard's magical healing journey. I hope it will inspire you and deepen your faith in life. He is truly a remarkable man and a model for living a full and happy life.

In his book Richard writes, "Your attitude creates your reality."

Watch this Inspiring YouTube Clip for Richard’s book (2:35):

Richard's Story

Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a relatively rare form of cancer more than 8 years ago now, Richard was given a death sentence of - 3 years to live - by his doctor. The doctor happened to be a friend, too, who delivered this prognosis.

Anger fueled Richard’s to break free of the hypnosis of this doctor’s diagnosis. It also energized him to make needed changes in himself and in his life. Through his journey Richard came to see his cancer diagnosis as a blessing.

Not a religious person, Richard is a warrior at heart. He did 2 tours of Vietnam and is a retired Kentucky State police officer.

Though Multiple Myeloma is considered incurable by traditional medicine it has now reached a point where it is considered a treatable cancer.

On the day of his diagnosis Richard walked away from traditional western medicine and began his searching to discover the best of alternatives methods available.

Richard’s wife, a holistic nutritionist, assisted him through the changes that needed to happen. 

His first decision was to undergo a severe detox that included coming off all medications, about 7 at the time.

Richard started working with a naturopath and followed his intuition which told him what to do. “Your intuition is your soul talk, the guide within you,” says Richard. “You just need to tune in.”

Weekly massage, Reiki, meditation, and energy medicine from an RN practitioner and hospice care worker were all part of his healthy lifestyle changes. Richard’s wife makes the family’s soap, including Black Soap, and they eliminated all synthetics from their diet. Chronic scalp sores he’d had for years soon cleared up after starting his detox.

Essential oils have also played a part in his health routine. He has a daily ritual of anointing the soles of his feet with Frankincense oil which, for him, have proven effective for continuing his cleansing and detoxification.

Synchronistic events occurred rapid fire soon after beginning to follow his intuition and checking out less conventional paths to healing. In his book he shares many stories revolving around animals and how they are a lot more evolved than us humans.

After Richard discovered the subtleties of how animals communicate unexplainable events began to happen. He began to have an inside look at the universe that changed his life.

A mare with a six week old foal, had gotten injured and the consensus was that she was going to have to be put down, In Kentucky this can be done by sedation, or through inserting a needle to stop the heart.

At the time of the needle insertion all 19 horses on the ranch at the time started whinnying and making a general raucous. Even though there was no way for them to see the mare, or know what was happening. Soon after the mare had passed the horses settled down and the noise stopped. Five other people present witnessed this astonishing event.

There’s also a story about the mare communicating with her foal about what was happening before her death. Most orphaned foals do not do well and have behavior problems as adults. However, the foal had no problem, was very sweet, gentle and easy to manage. Richard believes the foal never felt abandoned.

This event was a big gift that opened Richard’s eyes to a greater power. Richard began to believe there are no such things as coincidences and started having similar relationships and experiences with other animals.

Richard reached a turning point in his attitude, and he was no longer as angry. Though Richard does not regret any part of his journey he came to see how traditional medicine has valuable things to offer for his healing.

Multiple Myeloma patients can develop bone lesions, making bones susceptible to fractures. Richard suffered several cracked ribs. He had cadaver vertebra replacement surgery 2 1/2 years ago to replace lost parts of his spine.

Now Richard has found a happy balance with western and alternative medicine approaches and goes every 3 months for a blood and bone scan. His blood level markers show what he’s doing is working.

People who are given an end of life diagnosis come to Richard for mentoring and he helps them find peace. He feels he gets more from them than they get from him.

Richard believes its important to have a “bucket list” that never expires. Its been proven that having something you want to live for and that brings you joy helps people who are in fear about facing the end and brings them peace,

You can buy Unspoken Messages on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, iBooks and IndieBound.

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    Thank you for the wonderful article KG. I find myself looking forward to our next conversation…Richard

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