How is Your Power to Regulate & Restore Your Health? Do You Have Any of These Symptoms of Imbalanced Wood Element?

cedarwood-himalayan-Cedrus_deodara_Manali-wiki-creative-commons-200As 2014 is the year of the Chinese Year of the Wooden (Green) Horse it is generally an excellent year to restore your health!

Find Out if You Have Symptoms of Imbalanced Wood Element & the Essential Oils to Balance & Restore the Flow of Chi in Your Organ Meridians.


Gall Bladder (Yang) and Liver (Yin)

The Power of Wood is to regulate and restore.


SEASON: spring

TASTE: sour

EMOTION: anger

BODY PARTS: liver, gall-bladder, eyes, tendons

COLOR: green

SOUR ACTION: Cooling, promotes digestion, enzyme secretion and liver function

A balanced wood element supports trust in the life process and taking full responsibility for one's life. You feel a strong, stable, motivated, and disciplined able to easily fuel yourself with inspiration.

You have a strong sense of purpose and the necessary autonomy to set and accomplish your goals. You are the creator of your life experience and easily sustain all that you desire in the physical world. You feel robust energy, physical power, stamina and aliveness. A balanced wood element support a strong immune system.

You may experience imbalanced Wood Element as:

  • Need to manipulate and control situations which leads to repression of your own needs and healthy self-expression
  • Lack of vision
  • Lack of resourcefulness
  • Loss of Self control
  • Being extremely critical of yourself and others



446px-Chinese_meridians-public-domain_wiki-3Physical Symptoms Imbalanced Wood Element:

Abdominal bloating
Digestive upsets
Breast tenderness
Coated tongue
Excessive bleeding
Irregular and painful menses
Gall Stones
Leg Edema
Soft nails
Stiff neck and shoulders
Skin conditions
Varicose veins
Uterine fibroids

Emotional Symptoms Imbalanced Wood Element:

Feelings of guilt or shame
Rejection issues
Fear and worry
Extreme self criticism
Unrealistic expectations of yourself and others

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XOLove -KG


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  • christiane

    Hi KG,
    It seems I am now developing diabetes. :( Can balancing the wood element help with that?

  • Lynn

    Hi KG,
    I really appreciate being able to click on the beneficial oils listed and accessing the interesting information you provide. From this series, I feel like I am building a solid foundation for my education in Aromatherapy!

  • christiane

    And yes I would most definitely want to know more about reversing it. Not sure I can find a good integrative health practitioner here where I am. I’m not so confident in the expertise of the few who are around.

  • christiane

    thanks for this reassuring reply, KG. I totally hear what you are saying. Much appreciated. xo

  • KG

    Hi Christiane, so sorry to hear you’ve signs of developing diabetes. The research clearly show that the onset of Adult Type II Diabetes can be completely reversed. Perhaps I will post a future blog that covers the holistic methods of reversing Adult Type II Diabetes if there’s enough interest. Essential oils to balance wood element can certainly play an important role in your treatment plan. A synergistic aromatherapy formula for balancing the wood element would be most effective as it has a more broad spectrum application. Additionally you may wish to balance your earth element to support the wood element. Vetiver would be an ideal earth element oil for you, or an earth element synergy formula. I’d like to add that it’s been my experience in the holistic treatment of Type II Diabetes that it is related to an inability to enjoy the sweetness in life, unmet longing, disappointment and sorrow. Affirmation to use when inhaling your essential oil: “I allow myself to enjoy the sweetness of this moment.” It’s a complicated matter to balance the Elements when you’ve reached the stage of imbalance where you’re manifesting symptoms of Type II Diabetes. I suggest you consider working directly with an integrative health care practitioner to help you through the process. Hope this helps, Christiane. Wishing you all the best! :)

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