Forgiveness is the Seed of Happiness Releasing the Past

How you answer these questions can indicate just how happy you will allow yourself to be.

Do you cling to stories of grievance and seeking revenge for past injustices?

Is your mind a love finder, or a fault finder?

Do you look for reasons to be offended and blame others for things that go wrong in your life?

Forgiveness is an inside job.

Letting go of the past allows you to experience peace of mind and live in the present moment. Living in the present moment is your power point for navigating through life successfully. If your mind is cluttered with thoughts of past grievances and how you want to get back at… so and so for such and such… you are really robbing yourself of happiness in life.

In a very real sense one of your chief functions for creating peace and finding happiness in your personal life, and in the world at large, is your willingness to forgive.

All forgiveness is self forgiveness.

Ask yourself, “Am I willing to let go of the past?”

In each moment of your life, can you honestly say that you’re willing to move forward into the next moment of your life experience? Or, is there something unresolved that’s holding you back?

Every moment of your life presents you with the opportunity to flow with life’s unfolding motion, or to resist it.

You can only deal with anything in the present moment. However, leaving your life force energy tangled up in the past actually prevents you from fully showing up to address whatever opportunities may arise for you in life.

When you live from a place of forgiveness you’ll discover that everything in life is an opportunity.

Letting go is a feature of life, not an occasional endeavor.

You’re robbing yourself of peace of mind and missing opportunities when your energy for living is entangled with the past. Your thoughts are regressive, focused on looking backward instead of being present.

Looking in the rear view mirror severely limits your possibilities and can lead to many unhappy accidents.

Negative Attitudes

Your sense of fulfillment in life suffers when clogged with negative, low frequency thoughts.

Check your attitudinal state of mind starting now and over the next 24-hour period to discover just how often you use negative, low frequency thoughts of blame and limitation.

Do you use excuses to get out of taking full responsibility for your actions?

A constant stream of negative mental thoughts is a clear indication of the kinds of thoughts you are choosing to nourish yourself with on an ongoing basis. Your one-day commitment to assess the amount of negative thinking you have going on will help you to find out just how stuck in the past your mind truly is.

Negative Low Vibration Thoughts

  • I can’t or I won’t
  • I don’t know
  • So and so made me do it
  • If it weren’t for
  • I should or I ought
  • But
  • Try
  • If only
  • Never

Comparing Yourself to Others

Do you frequently compare yourself to others? Taking stock of how often you compare yourself to others can help you to know just how limited your mindset is for achieving success in life.

Do you use judging words that categorize and measure you against others?

Do you deflect and condemn other’s behavior to justify your own bad choices and misbehavior?

Forgiveness corrects misperceptions.

There is so much confusion that arises when you ‘project’ your fear and sense of guilt onto other people.

When you’ve taken time to face and forgive your own weak character flaws those flaws stop having control over you.

Perhaps more importantly when you’ve owned your own character flaws you are much less likely to judge someone else for their weaknesses.

Faced with someone else’s weak character flaws, you’ll find that you are much less likely to judge them, or feel incensed by their misbehavior. You’ll be far more likely to feel compassion and understanding for the insecurity and fear that you know drives such negative behavior.

You’ll be less inclined to feel personally attacked by their behavior and better able to call out the person’s behavior to better effect. You’re less likely to put them on the defensive.

Through your own work of inner forgiveness you are able to be more open and non judgmental with others. You can say what you need to say without causing the other person to feel justified and defensive. You’re not giving them wiggle room to evade your honest intent to hold them accountable.

Your own willingness to not carry around unacknowledged guilt and letting go of negative stories from the past will make for more peaceful encounters in life and support peaceful resolutions.

Our projections only load up what we’re seeing. When we have forgiven ourselves completely our exchanges with others can be honest and forthright leading to the best possible outcomes.

Forgiveness Oil

Cypress (Cupressus sempevirens)

Cypress is the best oil for healing the shadow, shadow related issues and releasing the past. Shadow related issues refer to emotions, thoughts and attitudes that lay buried and hidden beneath the surface of consciousness.

These suppressed negative emotion(s) when released can open the door to improved health, as well as the influx of new love and more meaningful relationships.

Pycho-emotionally, Cypress oil boosts the heart energies. It is said to have the power to soften hardened emotions, such as bitterness and vindictiveness.

When you harden your heart as a means of self protection from future hurt you are, in effect, blocking yourself psychically from giving and receiving love.

Cypress oil is useful for balancing and healing both the male and female psyches. You can enjoy the scent of Cypress oil in an aroma diffuser, or use it in a warm bath suitably diluted in a carrier of unscented liquid soap (15 drops of Cypress oil per one ounce of carrier). When used in the bath, Cypress oil can be especially helpful for letting go of old trapped and dead emotion(s) that you’ve been holding onto.

The Cypress Tree, from which the essential oil is extracted, has long been a symbol of life after death. It's said to have been the wood of a cypress tree that was used to fashion Jesus' cross upon which he was crucified.

The ancient Greeks dedicated the Cypress tree to the god Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. In translation, Pluto literally means “the wealthy one.” Ancient Romans celebrated the god Pluto as the god of mortality and riches.

Cypress oil strengthens the heart energies. It can help boost your courage to face  fears, as well as supports you to have a strong heart and circulatory system.

Archangel to Assist

Jeremial's name means, “Mercy of God.” Jeremial provides comfort and solace to the departed souls of earth, but also helps those still living to take an inventory of their life in order to make positive changes. It is Archangel Jeremial’s sacred assignment in the heavens to help souls forgive and release grievances, so they can experience higher frequency energies of forgiveness, love and grace and be admitted into the kingdom of heaven.

KG'S NOTE: You can use this series of articles as a course of lessons to help you shift and elevate your vibration to attract better outcomes for yourself. This series is based upon the principles of both, A Course in Miracles and Attitudinal Healing. Through the series you will have an opportunity to experiment and do your own self discovery work. You can allow yourself to be empowered to use time to train your mind to focus on love instead of fear. I invite you to experiment with these lessons to become aware of your ability to choose what you want to experience in life.

Tips for how to get the most benefit from these lessons:

At the beginning of your day while in a relaxed state of mind focus on the current day's lesson. For instance this week's lesson is, "Forgiveness is the Seed of Happiness." These lessons will be published bi-weekly, so you will focus on each lesson for two weeks duration. Remind yourself about the day's lesson frequently throughout your day. You can write the lesson on post-it notes and place them around your house as a reminder. Notice when opportunities arise to put the lesson into practice. Take note of your response. Ask yourself if you want to experience peace of mind, or experience conflict? On going to bed before falling asleep remind yourself about the day's lesson. How did you choose to respond to life events and what did you learn.

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