How Is Your Power of Discernment & Ability to Stand Up For Yourself & Create Stability? Do You Have Any Symptoms of Imbalanced Earth Element?

earth_NASA_public_domainTo Celebrate the release
of PurePlant Essentials Five Elements Essential Oils Kit *New Optimized* Custom Formulas I'm publishing a series of blogs for you about how to use essential oils to balance the five elements and restore the flow of chi in your organs meridian energy channels. This includes your Conception Vessel (Brain), Governing Vessel (Nervous System) and the 12 Organ Meridians.

Your meridians are the channels through which your emotions flow. The natural and free flow of life force energy (your e-motions - energy in motion) coursing through your meridians ensures your health and longevity.

While blocked or suppressed emotions result in clogged meridian channels and imbalances of health.

In classic Oriental or Chinese Medicine all disease is seen as disordered elements.

Restoring balance of the five elements and the harmonious flow of Chi is at the heart of Chinese medicine.

Essential oils can be used to safely and effectively balance the 5 elements and help restore the flow of chi through your meridians.

You DO NOT have to know Chinese medicine or acupuncture to use essential oils effectively to get good results for balancing your five elements and restore the flow of chi in your organ meridians.

The results of using direct inhalation of your essential oils, as it employs diaphramatic breathing, is especially effective for restoring energetic balance and the flow of chi.

Over the next five weeks I'll cover a few basic principles for you about the Five Elements and Organ Meridians starting with the Earth Element.

446px-Chinese_meridians-public-domain_wiki-3EARTH ELEMENT MERIDIANS: Stomach (yang), Spleen (yin)

The Power of Earth is to be awakened.


SEASON: Indian summer
TASTE: sweet
EMOTION: desire/worry
BODY PARTS: stomach, spleen, muscles, mouth
COLOR: yellow

SWEET ACTION: Warming, soothing, nourishing, body-building and tonic. Most foods are classified as sweet. There are complex sweet flavors like grains, beans, dairy products and meat. Simple sweets are less satisfying. Examples are honey, sweet fruits and juices. Simple sweets intensify your craving for sweet rather than satisfy it.

A balanced earth element supports healthy survival instincts and being grounded. The earth element ensures your connection to nature, universal laws, and your own physical body.

When the earth element is balanced you engage with the maturation process of your life journey and walk steadily toward the fulfillment of your destiny. Earth energy awakens you to your deepest and most profound potential in which all aspects of your body, mind and spirit are integrated and expressed.

Keywords: Stability, security, survival, cohesion, self-reliance, personal boundaries, synthesis, tribe, family.

Physical symptoms of imbalanced earth element include:

Heart Burn
Shoulder and neck tension
Stomach ulcer
Food allergies
Sweet cravings
Poor lymph circulation
Frequent urination
Low blood sugar
Bed wetting

Related Emotional stagnation or blockage may include:

Feelings of fear that comes from disconnection from one's tribe community or family, or even from one's self. The sense of abandonment, or not belonging gives rise to feelings of frustration, rage and blocked passion, emotional instability, self indulgence, self-centeredness, insecurity, grief, loss, depression, and conflict between attachment and letting go.

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Until next time...relax, enjoy your life and stay connected!

XOLove -KG

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