Essential Oils for Spring Cleaning

Clean, fresh scent has long been associated with spring cleaning and essential oils are perfect for the task of clearing energy in your home.

Before the Industrial Revolution and the emergence of synthetic household cleaning supplies the natural DIY solutions for spring cleaning were lime and lemon juice, vinegar and salt.⁴

The fresh scent of lemon is THE most popular cleaning product and the number one scent of choice among shoppers. The scent of lemon reminds us of warm summer sunshine and its clean, fresh scent is associated with health and hygiene.

Essential Oils for Spring Cleaning

The oils I’m sharing with you are what I consider to be the most powerful energy clearing and boosting oils in aromatherapy. They have been used by shamans and energy medicine healers to clear energy in a space, as well as to cleanse stagnant energy from the aura. Many people believe that using essential oils to cleanse the aura helps increase the flow of chi (life force energy), luck and opportunity, as well as gives protection from picking up (and inadvertently passing on) negative energy, or ‘Bad Vibes!’

You can also use essential oils to charge the atmosphere of a room with pure positive energy that uplifts and inspires.

Essential oils are also excellent for eliminating stale odors and bad smells like cigarette smoke. You can use them as a general all-purpose cleaning wash to remove marks and stains from walls, doors and floors. Be sure to pay especial attention to corners and thresholds.

Use Essential Oils Alone or in a Blend to:

  • Clear away stagnant chi and negative energy
  • Boost your energy naturally
  • Cleanse the aura 
  • Clear the atmosphere of a room
  • Eliminate old stale odors and bad smells like cigarette smoke

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  • KG

    Great, glad to help!!

  • Shirley Vallee

    Thank you so much KG. I will order the energy clearing oils and will continue with lemon. Your advice is so appreciated and always works. Take care KG. Sincerely, Shirley.

  • KG

    Hi Shirley, sorry to hear your daughter’s new home has been permeated by cigar smoke. Follow this series of articles and you’ll find out exactly what to do and the best essential oils to use. A blend of the oils that you’ll learn about in this series works best, but for a short term solution the scent of lemon will work best to eradicate the scent of cigars. Also, some customers swear by our Energy Clearing Blend (which you may have) for eradicating the smell of cigarette odors. Hope this helps!!

  • Shirley Vallee

    Hi KG. My daughter just purchased a townhouse and has a neighbor who smokes cigars. The scent has permeated her home. I’ve placed oils on tissues and used a diffuser and candles. Do you have any other suggestions to help her. We are both customers of yours. Any help will be so appreciated. Thanks KG. Shirley

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