Curb Your Food Cravings with Essential Oil

In your rush
to lose weight, you sometimes wreak havoc with your system by dieting. 

Various dieting methods might affect your metabolism and the body's fat-burning ability.

Additionally, you've to constantly fight those food cravings. Inhaling certain essential oils can help you curb such food cravings and naturally lose weight.

Research has shown that dieting can seriously throw the brakes on your metabolism and fat-burning ability. Dieting has also been shown to increase your body’s natural tendency to gain weight as your body feels starved and will hold on to the weight. Researchers call this “dieting-induced weight gain.” Dieting is now considered the #1 factor in the rising obesity epidemic.


This course is intended to be a 4-Week Course; One Lesson per week for 4 weeks. Although you can take the course lessons at any time and finish them early, it is recommended to split them out into the suggested 4 week span for best results.

“From the outset of the course, the oil began to stop my cravings for carbs, increased my satiety when I ate, and promoted intuitive eating. I seem to have lost the taste for the more 'processed' flavors I used to enjoy. My body is beginning to get back into fat burning mode and the scale is finally heading in the other direction! And, I’ve kicked the sugar habit.”
-Christiane Francois, Trinidad and Tobago

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