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aromatherapyaromaFeeling stuck with breaking a bad habit?

Find out how the power of scent can help


The power of scent is in its ability to directly affect a chemical response and change in your nervous and hormonal systems.

Scent is your most primitive survival instinct and communicates directly with your subconscious mind to trigger a fight/flight or a relaxation response. When in the jungle and you smell danger you want to immediately respond to an imminent threat, not wait to interpret the scent first and make a cognitive decision about it.

Because of the unique ability of scent to reach beneath the surface of your conditioned mind it is perfect for re-training your brain and establishing new meta-programs.

Direct inhalation of scent effectively releases molecules of emotion that act as powerful chemical messengers for creating change in your nervous system.

Immediately upon inhalation the marvelous power of scent reaches deeply into your subconscious mind to affect a neuro-chemical response that supports your breaking unwanted habit patterns and helping you reprogram your mind for success.


Scent can speed up your desired results for change and more importantly help you create lasting and permanent change.

Instructions for Use:

  • Choose a pure essential oil or blend that you have an especial feel good experience when you inhale it.
  • Choose a particular habit you'd like to break or goal you'd like to attain.
  • Dispense 1-3 drops of your pure essential oil or blend on a cotton ball and begin to inhale.
  • Close your eyes as you inhale your scent then exhale fully. Use long slow rhythmic breaths and allow yourself to relax.
  • Focus on your desired outcome while repeating or listening to affirmations and continuing to inhale your scent (5-10 minutes).

You can also listen to any other preferred method for re-programming your brain patterns, such as Eldon Taylor's Inner Talk® technology.

The length of time it takes to associate your scent with your image of having attained your desired outcome will vary from individual to individual, usually a minimum repeated use of your oil for up to 8 times daily for 1-3 days is required.

Once your neuro-association between your scent and desired outcome are set you can simply smell your scent and generate the feel good feelings you associate and experience with reaching your desired goal.

Your nervous system will automatically begin generating the images and feelings you'll have when you achieve your desired outcome just by smelling your scent.

After successful neuro-association with your essential oil you may enjoy using an aroma diffuser to dispense the scent of the lighter more fluid essential oils into a room. Japanese scientists studied the effect of lemon essential oil on the brain to enhance one's ability to focus. They discovered that the typical mistakes were reduced by 54 percent when lemon oil was diffused in the work room. So, diffusing essential oils into a room can effectively trigger you neuro-receptors for creating the results you desire.

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