2 Spring Cleaning Rituals Using Energy Clearing Waters

Spring Cleaning Ritual #1

Use this cleansing ritual, along with cleaning waters to detoxify and cleanse your entire home. You may experience additional helpful benefits not only for the clearing of energy in your home, but also for yourself. This ritual can help free up trapped negative mental and emotional patterns.

Of course anytime is a good time for doing your spring cleaning ritual, but I recommend doing it at a full moon. This is because the electro-magnetic energy of the waning moon that occurs after a full moon will have the effect of draining any psychic toxins from your home.

What you will need:

A white candle
Energy clearing cleaning waters

Light your white candle before beginning to clean. Focus on the flame for a moment to connect with the spark of your inner spirit.

As you begin to clean each area of your home see a radiant white light begin to fill the space. As you clean affirm, “What I clean away, stays away.”

As you finish cleaning an area you’ll feel open, light, clear and complete. Affirm, “It is done.”

Spring Cleaning Ritual #2

What you will need:

A white candle
Energy clearing cleaning waters

Before beginning to clean light your white candle and gaze into the flame and  connect with your inner spirit.

Make a clear decision about what you want to clean in each area of your home before starting each area. Reflect on how you want your home to feel after you’re finished cleaning.

Notice if you feel any emotional attachments or negative emotions surfacing while you’re cleaning and release them with your breath. The scent of the cleaning waters will also help you release any tension you may feel during cleaning.

When you’re complete with your spring cleaning be sure to flush any dirty cleaning waters down the toilet to complete the energy clearing of your home.

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